3 Month Guide to Baby Led Weaning 1st Foods

Plan your baby’s meal in less than 3 seconds - every day

Are you a little intimidated about coming up with the first foods your baby will try? Maybe you're all in for baby led weaning, but now you're nervous to get started.

You're not a chef or nutritionist, but you want to be sure your baby is getting real, healthy food.

It's time to make your grocery list and get cutting. I know how overwhelming your baby's first foods can seem. It doesn't need to be a fancy feast.

When you watch your baby eat by himself for the first time, you should get so excited and proud that you can't stop staring at how awesome your baby is! Not a feeling of "oh crap, what do I make next".

Stop stressing about what to plan for your baby's first meals, with this complete list of first foods for the first 3 months!

baby led weaning quick guide

3 month menu plan of foods to try with your baby

Month by month guidance on the best way to cut food and more details on allergies

Easy to follow worksheets to help you keep track of the foods your baby has tried

baby led weaning quick guide

When I started baby led weaning, I was overwhelmed with all the food options...

I wanted my baby to be healthy and have all the amazing benefits that baby led weaning provided, but was stressed out about keeping track of when I started certain foods and when to begin another new food.

Thankfully, it doesn't have to be so complicated. The baby led weaning quick guide will walk you through which foods to start with an easy to follow calendar and food tracker.


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