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Balance your pregnancy emotions out in less than 3 days and feel more confident, content, and “present” with your pregnancy.

saving Your Pregnancy memories doesn't have to be an extra chore

Are you a little overwhelmed thinking about keeping track of everything during your pregnancy?

Maybe you’re all in keeping track of your pregnancy milestones, but now don’t really know where to start.

You’re tired and exhausted, but you really want to remember this sweet, special time.

It’s time to take all the pictures and save all the memories.

I know how overwhelming your pregnancy can seem, but saving these special memories doesn’t have to be an extra chore.

When you look back at your pregnancy, you should be so proud and amazed at everything your body did! Not a feeling of overwhelm or “oh I wish I had written that down”.

Stop stressing about your pregnancy milestones, with this complete and easy print-at-home pregnancy journal!

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Never miss an important pregnancy moment again!

Check out exactly what you’re getting when you buy hello, bump!

Week by Week Complete Guide to All Things Pregnancy!

Maybe you know the feeling section...

Overwhelming # of Things to Keep Track of

From cravings and baby showers, to appointments and kick counts - pregnancy has so many new things to keep track of. Let hello, bump! give you the ease to keep track of it all in one place.

Pregnancy Exhaustion

There's so much you want to do during pregnancy, but you're SO tired. I get it! Stop trying to reinvent the wheel, and let hello, bump! guide you through your pregnancy.

Wishing for an "Easier Way" to Share Your Pregnancy

Quickly and easily organize all your pregnancy memories and keepsakes in ONE place. hello, bump! makes it easy to save and document special moments.

Be more “present” during your pregnancy

Just getting all my pregnancy thoughts out on paper helped me to stop feeling SO overwhelmed and even less exhausted somehow.

All of those little pieces that I stopped trying to remember in my head, or on a scratch paper at work, became so much more do-able (and dare I say fun?) by putting them together in one place!

I felt more relaxed and had SO much less stress without constantly wondering if I had done everything I could to save memories for my child to look at and read one day. 

Once our baby was born, I had the sweetest collection of ordinary moments that became monumental – not only for myself – but to be shared with our family!

What If You Could...

Ease the overwhelming parts of pregnancy

Did you know that journaling is proven to make you feel happier and healthier? Reducing stress and anxiety during pregnancy not only benefits you, but helps your baby too!

hello, bump! guides you through your pregnancy – giving you a space to write down questions you have for your doctor, milestones, and even keep track of baby’s kick counts and baby shower gifts

Remember and share your pregnancy with your child!

Share your journal with your child when they’re older to reinforce your special bond and show them how much you love them.

hello, bump! is a great way to share with your child the special moments you had with him/her when they were still in your belly! From how you found out you were pregnant to what you looked like at 40 weeks! 

Easily compare how you felt one pregnancy to the next

Start your attachment process early with your baby, by writing in your pregnancy journal!


While all pregnancies are different, hello, bump! gives you a way to quickly and easily look back at your previous pregnancy for similarities and differences! Maybe all that morning sickness means it’s a boy, or your heartburn means more hair!

Introducing hello, bump!

Never regret missing a pregnancy moment again!

Take A Look Inside:

Pregnancy Milestones

When did you feel that first kick? Or hear baby’s heartbeat? Keep track of it all easily on Pregnancy Milestones page.

Weekly Pregnancy Journal Pages

Keep track of how you felt each week! From cravings, belly bump pictures, baby’s size and more!

Keep Track of Medical Information

From pages to help you keep track of your baby’s kicks, to questions for your doctor, and writing up your birth plan – hello, bump! has a space for it all!

Special Memories Pages

From documenting how you found out, to baby’s ultrasounds, and even your baby shower – there’s tons of space for all the special memories during pregnancy.

Weekly & Trimester Journaling Pages

How are you feeling? Any cravings? Aversions? How about that belly bump picture, where are you going to put all of those? hello, bump! has the perfect spot for all your pregnancy info each week!

Letters to Baby

hello, bump! includes two letter templates for baby from mommy & daddy! Your baby will love reading this sweet keepsake one day!

Kick Counters & Baby Shower Trackers

Included are easy to use trackers for your pregnancy! From kick counts to baby shower gifts and thank you notes, you'll be sure not to miss anything with our trackers!

Imagine a world where...

you can share all the special moments of your pregnancy with your little one! Create a beautiful and easy pregnancy journal will all the special moments and details! You can use it as a perfect keepsake for yourself or pass it on to your little one one day. ♡

Here's Exactly What You'll Get!

hello, bump!'s complete pregnancy journal:

we’re pregnant! 

mommy & daddy’s thoughts

pregnancy milestones

baby name ideas

questions for doctor

ultrasound pictures pages

kick counts

baby’s nursery

baby shower details + present & thank you tracking

letters to baby

trimester journaling pages

weekly pregnancy pages

create your birth plan

baby’s arrival details 

baby’s footprints page

Hey there! I'm Jen!

Momma, wife, nurse, and now – your personal pregnancy journal BFF! I created this brilliant (and HUGE) pregnancy journal, because I know EXACTLY what it feels like to be 30 weeks (or ANY weeks) pregnant and want to remember ALL the sweet moments.

Since I can’t call you up like my sister or bestie, I created this journal to guide you through some of the most memorable parts of pregnancy and make your life a little easier. Because, let’s face it. You totally deserve to kick your feet up, eat that bowl of ice cream that makes your heartburn feel better, and enjoy the sweet moments of pregnancy – NOT worry about what you might forget one day.

I got you, momma!

What if I just had my baby or am due any day, could I use this journal?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hello, bump! just for first time moms?

Absolutely not! hello, bump is for ANY mom during ANY pregnancy that wants an easy way to keep track of important events, ideas, and special moments.

What if I just had my baby or am due any day, could I use this journal?

While hello, bump! was initially intended for moms during pregnancy, if you have a good memory, you could still find it as a useful way to document your pregnancy! Great pages for later in pregnancy include: your birth plan, baby’s arrival details, baby’s footprints, and a special “letters to baby” section.

How do I get my physical copy of hello, bump!?

Easy! Once you buy hello, bump! you’ll immediately have it emailed directly to you and be able to download it. Once you download the file, just hit print, and you’re ready to go! I recommend grabbing a binder to put all the pages in (there’s 57 pages in here!).

What if I'm unhappy with the journal?

I never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me within the first 30 days after your purchase, and I will give you a full refund!

Say Good-Bye to Feeling Overwhelmed with Pregnancy!

Get hello, bump! now at this special introductory price (only for a few days!) and start saving memories! 

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