60 Best Experience Christmas Gifts for Kids (Instead of Toys)

With the holiday season just around the corner, we're all looking for some some fantastic ideas for Christmas gifts for kids that go beyond the usual toys and gadgets...

Let’s face it, while those material gifts can be fun, they often end up cluttering the living room and collecting dust. This is the perfect time to consider experience gifts instead.

Membership to a  Children's Museum

Many cities are starting to have a Children’s Museum to offer families. A membership to a local children’s museum can keep the whole family entertained throughout the year, even on rainy days.

Children’s Theater Show

Is your child into art or a special character or book?  Try getting tickets to a theatrical performance specifically tailored for young kids.

Cooking Together

This experience seems easy, but can be so special – spend a day cooking together, trying out new recipes and flavors. Yes – even toddlers can do this one with good supervision, and spoiler alert: they’ll LOVE it (and probably want to do it again tomorrow).

Amusement Park Passes

Give the gift of endless fun with annual passes to their favorite amusement park. Just imagine the excitement on their faces when they receive this surprise on Christmas morning!

Trampoline Park

Indoor trampoline parks are typically found in larger cities and are often a special treat for kids. Let the kids bounce their hearts out and release some energy.

Art Class or Workshop

Unleash their creativity with an art class or workshop. There are endless opportunities based on what your child is really interested in or would love to try.

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