107+ Quick & Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas  (that are still magical*)

Maybe you’ve jumped head first into the Elf on the Shelf experience, or maybe you’re just dipping your toes in to see what the magic is all about.

We’ve gathered up some super fun ideas that will have your elf stealing the show!  From North Pole-inspired adventures to creative ideas that’ll have your kiddos giggling until New Year’s...

Astronaut Elf

This astronaut elf on the shelf idea is absolutely adorable. With a little tin foil, you can twist and bend your supplies to make an adorable last-minute elf who’s off to space.

Relaxing Elf

Let your favorite elf get extra cozy in a Barbie bed (the size is almost perfect!).  Don't be afraid to use all the Barbie and doll props at your finger tips!

Light Mischief

This super simple idea just takes some extra Christmas decorations and a silly elf.  Wrap your elf with a few lights (fairy lights would work great too!) and get ready for the magic.

Candy Diver!

It’s true what they say, candy is a main food group of the elves!  If you have plenty of extra Halloween candy lying around let your elf take a dive right in.

Joy Riding Elves

How cute are these elves going for a joy ride (get it?!) in Barbie’s new car.  Don’t be afraid to utilize other toys in a great way to make your new elf shine.

Snow Angels

It’s the best time of year for snow angels, right? At least your Christmas elf thinks so!  Whether you use flour or marshmallows for this cute idea, your kids are bound to love it.

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