34+ Fun Family Christmas Tradition Ideas to Start Now

Whether you have little babies, older kids, or even adult children – these fun family Christmas traditions might be just what you’re looking for to create some great memories.

Don’t forget – even if you’ve never had a family Christmas tradition before, it’s never too late to start!

Put Up Christmas Lights

Starting to decorate for Christmas can help put everyone in a festive mood.  Put Christmas lights up around your house, inside your house, or on a tree or bush outside. Or – do it all – and channel your inner Clark Griswald.

Make Wish Lists

Remember circling favorite Christmas toys?  Give your kids the toy magazines and let them go wild! Whether it’s Fleet Farm, Target, or your local store, they'll love it.

Give to Others

This is one of our favorite family Christmas traditions: giving to those in need.  We love to grab a name from the angel tree at church and pick out gifts together for another special boy or girl in need.

Look At Christmas Lights

Spend time together in the care driving around and looking at all the Christmas lights in your neighborhood. Bonus if you add hot cocoa as well!

Ornament Shopping

Gazing at Christmas ornaments can be a special, festive time for little ones.  Let them pick out one new ornament for the tree each year, or pick one out together as a whole family.

Gingerbread House Competition

Give everyone a chance to get creative with this family Christmas tradition, by building the best or most creative gingerbread house!  If you have lots of people, get on teams and get building!

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