What to do When You Forgot to Move the Elf

Chances are good, that you found this post because last night you totally forgot to move the elf and now you’re panicking.

We’ve all been there. And fear not, I’ve got your back with some tried and true strategies to handle this sticky (and occasionally glittery) situation without your kids losing all hope of the magic of the elf on the shelf.

Embrace the Oops

Let’s be real: forgetting to move the elf doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. It’s a chance for your kids to exercise their observation skills and see if they really remember where their elf was the day before.

Encourage Imagination

As parents, we often overthink some of these magical Christmas traditions for our kids. Consider taking a backseat on this one, and letting it play out. Your kids may come up with some brilliant ideas.

North Pole Weather Delay

Blame it on bad weather at the North Pole! Those snowy conditions can cause a delay in elf flights, you know.  Your elf couldn’t make it back to the shelf in time.

Elf's Magic Training

Your elf might be undergoing some serious elf magic training sessions in their favorite spot to learn new tricks for Christmas Eve. After all, being Santa’s little helper requires skill and practice, right?

Scout Elf’s Surveillance Mission

Explain that the elf found a great vantage point from their current spot to keep an eye on the holiday happenings. They’re on a secret mission, observing for any signs of the Christmas spirit to report back to Santa.

The Elf's Secret Message

The elf might be trying to communicate a secret message to the kids! Encourage your children to look closely for clues around the house, turning it into a fun scavenger hunt adventure.

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