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A Super Honest Review of the MomCozy S12 Pro Breast Pump

Wondering what all the hype is around the MomCozy Breast Pumps?

Well, it’s portable, easy to charge, and after a few days of pumping with it, it seems to pump breast milk really well! Let's dig in...

Easy to use, sleek  LCD screen 

30 min. auto shut off 3 pumping modes 9 levels 

Easy to pour lid = less spills

Fewer tears and more milk for baby!


Save some of your hard earned $$$ on something other than a pump.


For busy moms

No more being stuck to a bulky pump, or plugged into a wall, the MomCozy is easy to start and go. 

Cons of the MomCozy Pump

No wall charger Not discrete - motors stick out Not everyone responds well to a wearable pump 

Why do I love it?

To spend less time hooked to my pump and more time with my kids doing things I love...

Why do I love it?

And sometimes doing things I have to do - but so much easier.

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S12 Pro 

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