Hey! Welcome to Minnesota Momma!

I’m Jen, RN with a Masters degree, mom of 3, wife, and a Minnesota momma!

While we strive to have a happy and healthy home full of giggles and movie night/book time snuggles, I’m not above bribing my kids for a great family picture, eating cookie dough, and letting the kids have some “show” time. 

If you’re like me, a momma who loves her family and lives for cancelled plans, this is the place for you! (I promise, even if you’re not Minnesotan – I’ve got you covered!).

I’m absolutely thrilled that you’re here. I know you could be searching any site and I’m so glad you chose to be on Minnesota Momma with me. I can’t wait to share all of my favorite mom reviews, sales, tips, projects, snacks, and products with you.

I love being frugal while still sharing with you what actually works for our little one and for ourselves (and hopefully for you too!).

You’ll quickly find that I have a passion for breastfeeding, baby led weaning, fitness, good deals, and almost anything that keeps my family happy and healthy. You’ll notice that these are my favorite topics to post about, and if you ever have questions or want more information I’m eager to help!

Being a momma isn’t always easy, but it is so worth it.

Aside from being a momma, I also hold the wonderful titles of wife and RN. I have the goofiest and kindest husband and 3 littles that keep me constantly on my toes.

I also work full time as a Registered Nurse in our small town and love educating patients on their health.

I’m a momma who love all things chocolate, awesome gadgets that make our lives easier, math, sunshine, and the feeling you get post workout (definitely not the pre-workout one).

I’m taking each day on as a new adventure, while balancing life as a working mom and wife!

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