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Postpartum & New Mom Tips

Congratulations! Whether you had a vaginal delivery or C-section, you are a momma!  Now’s the time to focus on recovery, and eventually fitness and your overall health as a new mom. 

These articles are here to help you through postpartum and beyond.

Top Postpartum/New Mom Resources

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How Long Does Postpartum Last?

Did you know there are actually 3 phases of postpartum for new moms? Many people also refer to the postpartum period as the 4th trimester of pregnancy.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Initial or Acute Phase: 6-12 hours after childbirth
  • Subacute Postpartum Period: 2-6 weeks after giving birth
  • Delayed Postpartum Period: up to 6 months
Postpartum Problems


The start of your life with baby outside your body. The best recovery tips for moms postpartum.

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Fitness for Moms

Are you a new mom trying to stay fit and healthy, while busy chasing after a little one or waking up with a newborn? Check out these great new mom fitness tips and ideas.

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New Mom Tips

The best tips and tricks for new and seasoned moms.