4 Best Multi-Purpose Teething Products

  With that title, I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear that we’re still teething at our house. Things are finally under control and little O’s big front teeth have popped through – woohoo! He’s still drooling like crazy and loves to chew on whatever he can get his hands on, but his pain has […]

Your Easy, Tear-Free, Guide To Starting Pumping

I distinctly remember being 8 months pregnant and crying to my husband about starting pumping. I felt so overwhelmed with the idea of pumping, but I wanted to do it in the worst way. To start, I had no clue how to pump. No idea when to start pumping or how often to pump. I […]

Help! My Baby’s Teething!

Is your baby teething? Is your little one so-so about a pacifier just because he would rather bite or chew on something? We thought O was teething since he was about 2 weeks old. I remember googling, “how young can a baby get teeth?”. (Did you know some babies are born with teeth?! Of course […]

Fit Momma

Before I start this post, I want to be very clear – I am in no way affiliated with Beach Body. I don’t sell it, I’m not a coach, I didn’t buy our product from someone who sells it, and I don’t get anything from Beach Body for recommending it to you. That being said, […]

4 Genius Baby Led Weaning Must-Haves

Have you been thinking about trying Baby Led Weaning? The best way to get started is making sure you’re prepared with these important baby led weaning must haves! Now, the beauty of baby-led weaning is that your “must haves” list is relatively small. You really only need your baby and the healthy food you’re going […]

Things Ive Learned Staying Home and Working

7 Things I’ve Learned Staying Home & Working

Want to know what I’ve learned staying home and working? Being a working mom is hard. I miss my baby as soon as I drop him off and can’t wait to go pick him up to snuggle him and find out what he’s learned while I was away. But…being a stay at home mom? That’s […]

How I Finally Got My 4 Month Old To Sleep On His Own

Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit – Possibly the Best Invention – Ever. Have you heard those amazing stories about babies who just love to sleep? They sleep through the night starting at 3 weeks, take great naps, and never have trouble? Yeah, so had we. I won’t lie, our initial reaction had always been (and still sometimes […]

Hello world!

Welcome to my new Minnesota Momma Blog! I’m Jen and I’m a new Minnesota momma! I’m thrilled that you’re here and can’t wait to share all of my favorite momma moments and items with you. One of my goals is to be frugal while still sharing with you what actually works for our little one […]

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