How to Store Breast Milk - Everything You Need to Know to Store Breast Milk Safely!

How to Store Breast Milk the Right Way

Breast Milk Storage Rules Figuring out how to freeze and store breast milk can be a learning curve for all new breastfeeding and pumping moms. Let’s be honest, it’s not something you’ve ever had to do before and suddenly you realize there’s tons of rules and guidelines you should be following. I remember being in […]

Power Pumping Guide for How to Increase Milk Supply

Power Pumping: How to Increase Milk Supply Fast

Using Power Pumping to Increase Your Breast Milk Supply If you’ve struggled with trying to pump more breast milk, power pumping just might be the perfect answer for you. There’s a good chance that in only a few days, you can learn how to increase your breast milk supply. Do I have you intrigued yet? […]

How to Make Sure Your Breast Pump Is Right Size For You

Make Sure Your Breast Pump Is Right For You

How do you make sure your pump is right for you? Well, believe it or not breast pumps don’t come as one size fits all. While this can be great, hello customization and a perfectly fitting pump! It can also mean having to buy new pump parts. Womp womp. Make Sure Your Pump Is Right […]

lactation room ideas

Lactation Rooms – The Secret to Successful Pumping at Work

Does your workplace offer you a warm, inviting lactation room to pump or breastfeed? Surprisingly, a lactation room, or lack of, can be a huge reason that many women choose to quit breastfeeding. Breastfeeding friendly workplaces are on the rise, but many are still falling behind the standard. I’ve heard stories from moms who have […]

Best Breastfeeding & Pumping Tips & Hacks

17 Best Breastfeeding & Pumping Tips to Keep You Sane

The best breastfeeding and pumping tips can only come from one place. Moms who have lived it! Whether it’s books, blogs, family members, or even medical professionals – sometimes you just need to hear some good breastfeeding and pumping advice from a mom who has found success firsthand. These amazing breastfeeding and pumping hacks will […]

losing weight while breastfeeding - when it doesn't happen. Why am I not losing weight breastfeeding

Losing Weight While Breastfeeding – When It Doesn’t Happen

Serena Williams recently spoke about how she struggled losing weight while breastfeeding (check out the whole article here). If this resonates with you – you’re not the only one! As much of an advocate as I am for breastfeeding, I was not one of those women you hear about who drops back to her pre-pregnancy […]

breastfeeding problems - feeling frustrated

Breastfeeding Problems: It Doesn’t Have to Hurt (& It Shouldn’t!)

Breastfeeding problems. Just when you’re figuring out how to take care of a new precious life, suddenly your breastfeeding journey isn’t what you thought it was going to be. You might start to worry, or worse – you’re in pain! Did you start breastfeeding and you’re wondering why and how women do this?! I promise […]