How I Finally Got My 4 Month Old To Sleep On His Own

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The Secret to Getting Your 4 Month Old to Sleep – Pssst It’s Not Magic, but it is Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit

How I Got My 4 Month Old To Sleep On His Own: Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit ReviewPin

Have you heard those amazing stories about babies who just love to sleep?

They sleep through the night starting at 3 weeks, take great naps, and never have trouble?

Yeah, so had we. And I won’t lie, our initial reaction had always been (and still sometimes is) “there’s no way. They HAVE to be lying!”.

That being said, we absolutely love our little guy, but man, did he HATE to sleep.

To be completely honest, we didn’t even know what a good nap was. Our baby boy would only sleep in our arms and the second we’d try to set him down – BAM – his eyes were wide open and he acted like he just slept 9 hours, (except for 30 seconds later when he’d be extremely crabby again).

I’m guessing if you’re here, this situation sounds all too familiar to you.

Maybe you rock and cuddle your little one, but are never able to actually set him or her down, because the second you do, those sweet little eyes pop right open. Ooofta. I feel your pain.

Thankfully, we finally found out how to get our 4 month old baby to sleep on his own. And our lives have never been the same.

Good Baby Sleep Starts With Good Habits

Now, I’m not about to pretend that just creating good sleep habits helped our baby sleep better, but it sure didn’t hurt.

We had developed a soothing routine, made sure the room was quiet, used white noise, and tried to eliminate negative sleep associations. We even utilized all the best baby sleep tips.

But we STILL struggled. Until…

The Easiest Trick To Good Baby Sleep


Now, I’m about to let you in on the best invention ever:

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit.

We nicknamed it baby’s snowsuit, because if you’ve ever seen “A Christmas Story”, you know exactly what I mean. But it’s so darn adorable, I can’t even.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Yeah, yeah. I got a sleepsuit from the hospital or I borrowed one from a friend and it hasn’t helped!

Well. This sleepsuit is different than your usual swaddle or sleepsack.

The material is thicker and stiffer (I opt for the fleece version living in cold Minnesota!); thus, helping hold your little one’s arms and legs stay still.

At this age, many baby’s struggle with the startle reflex and may startle themselves awake. The stiff material allows flexibility while also keeping your baby’s startles from being too “intense”.

Another huge win is that it helps your baby feel like you’re right there with them!

Our little baby, felt like we were still holding him, making the transition from our arms to the crib was so smooth.

When We Finally Became Believers in The Magic Sleepsuit

We borrowed Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit from my sister, just to see if it would work for our little man. Our baby boy was having a rough afternoon and would NOT take a nap, even though he desperately needed one.

Admittedly we even tried to let him cry it out for a while (which broke my momma heart – but we were desperate!) – but with no success.

Finally, we got the magic sleepsuit out.

I kid you not – within 2 minutes he was fast asleep.

And he kept sleeping.

And sleeping.

And two hours later he woke up. And he was SO happy. And WE were so happy! The sleepsuit had worked and it was LIFE CHANGING.

How Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit Held Up To Sleep Regression

Many parents are often concerned about introducing a new “crutch” to baby’s sleep routine.

“Oh no, another sleep aid we’ll have to wean him off of? No thanks.”

Here’s where the Magic Sleepsuit has you covered. It comes in two sizes – up to 9 months – and we truly found that weaning off of it wasn’t a big deal for our little guy. By the time he showed us he was ready to be done in the sleepsuit, he was happy to be free and sleep in whatever position he wanted.

After the initial incredible start with the sleepsuit, our baby boy continued having great naps and going to sleep so much easier at bedtime.

Instead of never having a break during the day, we suddenly had a few hours to do things around the house while he slept. Or dare I say, even catch a quick nap ourselves!

It no longer took us over an hour to put our baby to bed either. Instead, we just had a great bedtime routine and he went right to sleep. It was amazing.

Our little baby was not only sleeping better, but was so much happier, and admittedly so were we!

Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit Review & Recommendation

I’ve talked to so many sweet new moms about the Magic Sleepsuit and continue to hear awesome stories about how it’s transformed their baby’s sleep.

If you’re struggling and searching for something, anything, to help you and your little one – it’s time to give Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit a try – it’s completely magic.

And if that’s not enough – don’t forget about the benefits the sleepsuit can be when you’re NOT at home with baby’s regular routine.

Once our baby started daycare, our daycare provider admitted that she’d never had a baby go down for naps as easy as our little guy and even purchased one herself. I was one proud momma of my amazing little sleeper.

You can read my honest review on the Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit including FAQs about it here.

Keep Your Baby Comfortable During Sleep (& the temperature just right!)

It’s important to note that this product comes in two options. One is made of fleece and can be quite warm! We loved the fleece because it was stronger against the baby’s startle and kept him warm and cozy in our Minnesota winters. To account for the cozy sleeper, we kept our baby in only a diaper or light onesie while sleeping in it. We also made sure his room was cool enough.

The other sleepsuit is made of cotton and is much more breathable. This one can be a great option for summer or warmer climates and works well if your baby doesn’t have as strong of a startle reflex.


If you’re ready to try it click here to find it online – Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit.

We started with the 3-6 month size and ended up getting the 6-9 month as well. We also found that two of each size were helpful to have, especially for those dire times when our baby needed a nap, but one was in the wash!

I Need More Baby Sleep Tips!

Still not sure you’ve got this baby sleep thing down? I want you to sleep and I’ve got your back, momma.

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How To Get Your 4 Month Old Baby To Sleep: Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit

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