Best Baby Led Weaning Must Haves

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The Best Baby Led Weaning Products

Have you been thinking about trying Baby Led Weaning? The best way to get started is making sure you’re prepared with these important baby led weaning must haves!

Now, the beauty of baby-led weaning is that your “must haves” list is relatively small. You really only need your baby and the healthy food you’re going to feed them. Easy, right?

However, there are still a few products that will make your baby led weaning experience so much easier.

So here’s my list of baby led weaning must haves (aka “really nice things to have”) and why these products quickly became our favorites!


baby led weaning must havesPin

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Baby Led Weaning Must-Haves

The whole idea behind baby led weaning is to allow your baby to lead the way with his or her eating. You get to skip all the baby foods and give your baby real, good, whole foods.

That being said, you really don’t need a lot to be able to that successfully. The following items I’ll list off for you are the perfect baby led weaning starter kit for new parents.

These are great items for the minimalist parent, who really just wants to get started with baby led weaning!

Further down on this page, you’ll find some more baby led weaning products that can make your life much easier – but are absolutely not a necessity.

Okay, let’s get started!

1. A Baby-Led Weaning Book

One of the first steps to Baby Led Weaning is knowing what you’re doing. The last thing you want to do is go into baby led weaning blindly.

This is your child’s health, safety, and nutrition we’re talking about. You never want your baby to be at risk for choking or give them a food that they aren’t ready for.

With all of that being said, I HIGHLY suggest getting a great baby led weaning book to use as a resource.

This book gives you ALL the answers you’ll need for your baby led weaning questions, is a short read, and a really reasonable price. My favorite part, to this day, is the troubleshooting section to see if my situation is normal and how to solve it.

Whether you’re deciding if BLW is right for you or if you’ve already started and have questions – you won’t regret having this book on hand!


2. A Basic High Chair

You know all those padded, beautiful, expensive high chairs? When it comes to baby led weaning – you can skip all the extra fluff.

While those beautiful baby led weaning high chairs may look pretty in your dining room, once baby led weaning starts you’re going to want something easy to clean.

And I mean, really easy.

Trust me, your baby won’t miss that padding, and you’ll love how easy it is to clean a plastic high chair. This is hands down another top baby led weaning must-have.

My personal favorite high chair, and the one we own, is the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat. This seat attaches to most chairs, is affordable, easy to clean, and easy to take with you – all big perks for new parents.

But if you’re looking for a seat that has the option for longer legs – check out the Ingenuity Smartclean Trio 3-in-1 High Chair. I love that it’s another super easy to clean chair, but has a much more modern look.

An added benefit to both of these baby led weaning high chairs is the removable food tray.

You won’t believe how much you’ll love being able to prep your baby’s food on his tray (and take it away when he’s done), while he is still safe in his seat with the original tray latched.

3. A Great Set of Bibs

3 Pack Silicone Baby Bib for Babies & Toddlers

Easy to use, easy to clean, comfortable, and super affordable! The bib catcher is a lifesaver for avoiding lap spills and making clean up a breeze.

Buy Now
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Having several quality, easy to clean bibs is another baby led weaning must have.

These USED to be my favorite bibs for little ones. The “big mouth” catches all the food and helps with clean up (or getting a second chance at some lost favorites), while the snaps make washing the bibs a breeze. They’re more traditional and are still great to use.


After 2 babies (and some updates to the bib market), we’ve converted and have a new favorite bib that you’ll love (I mean…how cute is this dino version?!).


These bibs are easy to clean, still catch all the food, and dry SUPER fast – trust me, you’ll love them!

Baby led weaning is messy and your little one is going to drop food and make messes while she learns how to eat on her own.

We love these bibs so much that we have them stored at each grandparents’ house as well!

Another baby led weaning bib we love is the Waterproof Sleeved Bib.

This one is great for when foods are really juicy and messy, and you really don’t want to ruin those cute clothes you put your little one in. We sent this one to daycare for our little ones.

4. Drop Cloth – the mess saver

If the idea of a baby led weaning mess worries you, there’s a great, easy solution.

Grab a cheap, paint drop cloth that you can put under your baby’s high chair. Once your little one is finished, you just pick up the plastic, shake it out into the garbage, and hide it away until next time. Easy!

Don’t let the mess deter you – baby lead weaning is an amazing skill for your little one.

They’ll be learning and improving in no time at all! I’m hoping you’ll love these products and consider them in your top list of “baby led weaning must haves”.

Best Baby Led Weaning Products

Now that you know the baby led weaning “must haves”, let’s talk about the baby led weaning “nice to have” list.

These things will certainly make your life easier if you’ve chosen to try baby led weaning with your little one, but are definitely not necessities.

Tough to Tip Learning Cup
When your baby is ready to try his/her first open cup – this tough to tip learning cup is the one you want. It makes learning easy and reduce spills!
Get it now!
Babyware by eZtotZ Made in USA First Self Feeding Spoon Fork Utensil Set for Baby Led Weaning and Toddlers BPA Free (Blue)
Your baby will need to learn how to use a fork and spoon eventually, so why not give them the chance to practice now? This is the perfect set for little hands!
Get it now!
eZtotZ Little Dippers Baby Spoon | Made in USA Soft BPA Free Silicone | Self Feeding Utensil Set | Great for Teething and Baby Led Weaning (Teal)
Letting your baby experiment with a spoon is great for baby’s development – but sometimes your baby isn't totally ready for it and can get frustrated with food falling off the spoon. This spoon makes using a spoon much easier for young eaters.
Get it now!
ezpz Mini Mat – One-Piece Silicone placemat
A silicone mat that sticks to your baby’s tray can help you avoid some messes. While babies are still notorious for dropping things on the floor, these mats help to keep everything in separate spaces where less ends up on the floor.
See it on Amazon!
Restaurant Baby High Chair
If you have a large high chair for at home, investing in a small portable high chair (again, make sure it’s easy to clean) is a great idea. Whether you’re going to a restaurant, for a picnic, or to a relatives house without a high chair – an extra high chair can be so helpful for baby led weaning parents!
See it on Amazon!
Busy Bambino 2-in-1 Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover for Baby
If you’re going out to eat, you probably know how messy your baby can get. Bringing a high chair cover can help eliminate some of the mess and make things easier on you!
See it on Amazon!
Baby Wipes + Cute Diaper Clutch Bag
Have we mentioned yet just how messy baby led weaning is? Always be sure to have a set of baby wipes with you to clean up your little one, no matter where you are. You can grab an inexpensive cute wipes bag to throw in your diaper bag to keep the diaper wipes separate from the face wipes.
See it on Amazon!
Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup
Did you know that babies are able to learn to drink from an open cup? These 360 cups are a great way to teach them how to do that! They’re no spill and great for little hands to start practicing with (even if they don’t get anything out right away!).
See it on Amazon!
Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup
Another favorite cup of ours for baby led weaning babies is this straw cup. It’s super easy to use, has a weight in the bottom of the straw to help babies get to the liquid, and has a cover for easy closure.
See it on Amazon!
Bumkins Splat Mat, Waterproof
If you want a nicer splat mat for all your baby's messes, this is it.
See it on Amazon!

Baby Led Weaning Success

These baby led weaning must haves are just the start of your baby led weaning journey. Trust me, it’s a fun and amazing one!

Looking for meal ideas for your baby?

Check out:

If you’re planning to send your little one to daycare, you don’t want to miss this post on how to do baby led weaning at daycare.

Bonus item: Make your life SO MUCH EASIER by grabbing the Baby Led Weaning Quick Guide today! This affordable guide will help you through the first few months with new foods to try and instructions on how to prepare meals. It’s a great supplement to the other BLW resources!

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