Best Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers (2021)

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Best Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas (that aren’t candy!)

Toddlers are SO fun, especially when it comes to Christmas. They love all the gifts even if they’re getting something tiny in their Christmas stocking – they just feel so special!

If you’re looking for great stocking stuffers for toddlers – you’ve come to the right place! As the mom to two kids, two and under, I’ve seen first hand what little ones love (and what moms love for them to get!).

Also – just be forewarned – this list isn’t filled with candy ideas. If you choose to get candy, I trust you can do that on your own and don’t need a list!

Everything on this list of toddler stocking stuffers ranges from fun to practical Christmas ideas. And as a bonus to all you moms and dads out there – most of these stucking stuffers ideas are not food – you’re welcome 😉

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Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers
Best Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers!

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35+ Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

  1. Christmas Shirt
    A Christmas outfit is about as cute as it gets. From either a complete Christmas dress or suit, to a cute Christmas t-shirt. Check out Etsy and Amazon for some unique and customizable options!
  2. New Christmas Jammies
    New Christmas Jammies? Stoooop. I’m already gushing about how cute they probably are. If you really want to go all out, get the whole family a pair of matching jammies – if that’s your jam.
  3. Fun Christmas Ornament
    You can let your little one choose a special or fun ornament, or you can get him or her a cute personalized one on Etsy here!
  4. Wooden Puzzles
  5. Boon Building Bath Pipes Toy Set
    If your little is like mine and loves playing in the bath pouring and experimenting, these little building bath pipes are the perfect stocking stuffer!
  6. Headbands & Bows
    Can a girl ever have to many headbands and bows to accessorize with?
  7. Bath Hoop & Balls
  8. Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy
  9. Toddler Friendly Games
    I know a few little ones who would love this Mickey Mouse themed memory match game.
  10. Lovey
    Depending on your baby’s age, he or she may be ready for a lovey – find a cute one and add it to the fun!
  11. Peek A Boo Elephant
    I’ve had my eye on this sweet elephant for a while now. Just watch the video and I dare you to tell me it’s not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. My toddler LOVES that it plays peek a boo and he can’t stop smiling around it.
  12. Stuffed Animal
    Can you have too many stuffed animals? Yes. Yes you can. BUT – if your little one hasn’t acquired a big collection yet, one more doesn’t hurt, right?
  13. Water Bottle
    A fun water bottle for your toddler can help encourage water drinking, while being stylish at the same time.
  14. Suction Cup Bowls
    Tired of your toddlers’s bowl tipping over – these suction cup bowls and plates might just be a lifesaver.
  15. Board Bible
    It’s Christmas and time to celebrate – I love this board book Bible – it even has lift the flaps!
  16. Christmas Board Books
    They make some super cute Christmas books – and when they’re interactive? I love them even more for my little one!
  17. Board Books
    Did you know that the more books you have in your house, the more likely your child is to be a better reader? That’s without even reading the books. So bring on the books!
  18. Busy Bags/Toys
    Make riding in the car (or running errands) more fun for your toddler with a homemade busy bag! Check out how we did it right here.
  19. Washable Finger Paints
  20. Washable Crayons
    I’ve learned quickly with young toddlers crayons can break pretty easily. I’ve found the best luck with these triangular shaped ones!
  21. Washable Markers
  22. Color Wonder Books & Markers
  23. Water Wow
    These are an all time favorite of ours. We use them for church, in the car, anywhere! They are virtually mess free and help provide lots of entertainment for little ones!
  24. Color Books
    You can choose a fun color book with your toddler’s favorite character or a cute Christmas color book like this one.
  25. Cars or Trucks
    If your little one loves cars, trucks, or construction vehicles (like these!), they might just go crazy for this toddler stocking stuffer.
  26. Play Doh
  27. Snack Catcher
  28. Tooth brush
    We found that as our baby grew to be a toddler, he much preferred a fun toothbrush like this.
  29. Stickers
  30. Bath Toys
  31. Bath Letters
  32. Bath Crayons
  33. Light Up Bath Toys
  34. Sensory Ball
  35. Mega Blocks
  36. Building Blocks
  37. Fun Animal Theme Growth Chart Ruler
  38. Portable Musical Instrument

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers

Did I miss any must have toddler stocking stuffers? If there’s something you can think of, I’d love to see the pictures or hear your ideas in the comments below!

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