How I Save Money on Clothes with ThredUP

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Have you ever noticed how cute baby clothes are? I’ll be shopping and suddenly I’m holding three sweaters, a cuddly pair of lined jeans {I live in Minnesota after all}, a button down with suspenders, and the cutest pair of floral leggings. I don’t even have a daughter. Seriously. I’m a little ridiculous. It’s just too adorable and then I’m trying to think which of my nieces could wear it. Ugh. Don’t get me wrong, if you shop the deals you can find great prices on so many brands. However, sometimes you don’t have time to wait or you just want to shop NOW. If you’ve ever gotten excited about a good deal, ThredUP is your thing momma. 


Okay, so what is it?

ThredUP sells secondhand clothes for women and children. So aside from getting a great deal, you can feel good about reusing products. ThredUP resells brand name clothes from GAP to Micheal Kors.


I’m not so sure about used clothing…

Now I can hear you, you’re not interested in clothes in rough shape. Neither am I! I want my clothes for myself or my little one to last. I want good quality, that looks new, for a great price. Is that too much to ask? ThredUP has awesome filters that helps you find exactly what you want – which is good, because personally, I find the quantity can be a little overwhelming otherwise.

First you choose your category – women, boys, girls, or baby – there’s no mens section yet, but I’m crossing my finger it’s coming!

Next you can filter your search by any/all of the following:

  • Condition: new with tags, like new, gently used, used
  • Category: onesies, pants, t-shirts, dresses, sweaters, etc.
  • Size
  • Price

I typically search for “new with tags”, but will occasionally add “like new” to the search as well. There’s descriptions included, so you can see exactly what appears “worn” on the clothes, if anything. I’ve yet to have any issues with what I’ve received, but I am careful to read exactly the description of what I’m buying.


Extra Percentage Off

Aside from the low price ThredUP offers, be sure to check the site regularly for seasonal sales or extra percentage off coupon codes. I have the app that sends me a push notification every time they have one of these deals, which feels like quite often.

By clicking my link here, you’ll receive $10 free to spend at ThredUP.

To make your savings even better, just for being a reader of my blog, for a limited time you can get 35% off all first-time orders up to $50 per order. Just enter the code: MINNESOTAMOMMA at checkout. Enjoy!


What About All My Current Clothes?

Cleaning my closet is absolutely one of my least favorite things to do. I almost always need a buddy, like my mom or my husband to do it with me. I know. Ridiculous. I’m the type where, “I might wear that next week, I can’t get rid of it!” – even though I haven’t worn it in a year. My goal is to follow the “buy one, get rid of one rule”, but I’m a work in progress. Recently, I’ve gotten much better however – I promise mom!

Now, however you feel best donating your used clothes, do it! A few options include the Salvation Army, church rummage sale, or GoodWill. A new option is also offered through ThredUP and they couldn’t make it any easier.

You can request a bag from ThredUP (and they’re huge) and they’ll send it to you for free with return postage already applied. You simply throw your used clothes in, seal it up, and send it back! Easy, huh? You can arrange for the mailman to pick it up and that’s it. You don’t even have to leave home! One less errand for busy moms.

As a bonus? ThredUP will look through your clothes and credit you for what they’ll resell. They’ll then recycle what they don’t feel can be reused or sell it to a third-party.


My recent ThredUp Purchase

My current favorite deals? Seasonal! I love new spring Easter outfits, and getting great deals on winter gear for next season.

My most recent ThredUP purchase was all about summer and spring. My total came to $31.42 (plus $5.99 for shipping) – saving me $105.04. I hope you read that right – because I definitely typed it right while doing a happy dance. I love sharing a good deal. 

Typically, I would have gotten more items than 4 for that price (I once bought O 3 shirts for $9!). However, this time I splurged on a Ralph Lauren jacket for little O, which is something I would never have been able to justify at full price for a fast growing baby.

I ordered all my items as “like-new” and had a 15% off coupon code. Everything arrived in great shape in a cute polka dot box.

Here’s what my order looked like:

Polo by Ralph Lauren Jacket $13.60 (retails $85.00)

save money shopping - ralph lauren jacketPin


Rockland Sneakers $6.79 (retails $17.00)

sneakers - save money shoppingPin


Gymboree Rash Guard $5.94 (retails $22.00)

rash guard - save money shoppingPin


OshKosh B’gosh Board Shorts $5.09 (retails $18.00)

board shorts - save money shoppingPin

I’m happily keeping all of the items for O and can’t wait to see him in his new clothes!


Ready to try it out?

Whether you’re always a secondhand shopper or this is your first try, ThredUP is worth checking out. Don’t forget to use the code: MINNESOTAMOMMA at checkout for 35% off your first time order. Happy Shopping!


How I saved $100 on clothesPin

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