Fun Catholic Mass Activity Sheet to Keep Kids Engaged

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Are your kids having a hard time sitting still during Mass? 

Maybe you’re at that tough transition time, like us, where you want to wean off the books and coloring pages that aren’t church related and TRY to get them at least a little bit engaged during church? 

If that sounds like you, check out this fun Catholic Mass activity sheet to keep your kids engaged during church! 

I worked hard this summer to try out different versions of this parts of the Mass checklist with my kids getting a new one each week. 

Finally, I think we have a winner! 

And I’m so excited to share it with you and hope it works great for your family as well. 

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Free Mass Checklist for Kids

The free Mass checklist is a great way to take your young kids through each part of the Mass in new fun ways. 

The checklist is set up in order, so your children can follow along and pay attention for the next box to check off. 

This can help them learn the order of Mass, and helps ensure they have to pay attention to what’s actually going on so they can check their next box. 

Kids love being able to see where we are in Mass, and it’s so fun to see their eyes light up when they hear certain words spoken by the priest or the readers and know which box to check next. 

I also didn’t mind no longer hearing “how much longer?” 😉

How to Download the Mass Checklist

You can get your Mass checklist for kids by clicking the link or image below. It’ll open in Google Drive and you can simply click download to add to your device and then print!

Download the Mass Checklist for Kids

Please remember that this resource is free and for your use only, please do not resell. 

What’s Included in the Mass Checklist for Kids:

While kids won’t see a checklist that simply lists Introductory Rites, Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of the Eucharist, and Concluding Rites – they’ll be taken through each of these parts of the order of the Mass by checking off: 

  • Opening Song
  • Prayer
  • First Reading
  • Second Reading
  • Gospel
  • Homily
  • Profess Our Faith
  • Collection
  • Priest Prays Over the Gifts
  • Eucharistic Prayer
  • Our Father
  • Peace
  • Watch Priest
  • Go to Communion
  • Prayer and Final Blessing
  • Closing Song

What Age Will This Activity Work For

You know your kids best! 

We’ve had great success using it with kids 4+. 

If your child can’t read yet, it’s a great idea to talk through the checklist ahead of time and explain the pictures and what’s going to happen during mass.

Chances are good that you’ll still need to guide them through when each part happens the first few times, but eventually they’ll be super quick to know which box to check off next and will be learning the different parts of Mass in no time. 

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Tips for Bringing Young Kids to Mass

If you’ve ever embarked on the adventure of attending Sunday Mass with young children in tow, you know there are days when it’s a REAL challenge. 

From trying to keep little ones engaged during the liturgy without causing too much commotion in the pew, to even knowing when’s the right time to take them out of Mass versus trying to stick it out. 

It can be hard. 

I try to remember this is God giving me the opportunity to practice my patience 😉

I am certainly no expert, but after corralling my 3 littles at church, here’s a few pro tips from moms:

Prepare Your Kids Ahead of Time

It’s always helpful for kids to know our expectations. 

If you’re going to let them color during Mass, let them know what you’re packing in their busy bag. 

If you want them to kneel, sit, and stand every time you do, let them know this as well. 

If you’re like us, we have different expectations depending on the age of our children and transitioning from one expectation to the next, isn’t always easy. However, having these conversations to prep our kids ahead of time helps them know what’s coming so it’s not a shock once we get to church. 

Catholic Coloring Pages and Activity Pages

If your kids are young, coloring pages just might be the ticket to help the whole family make it through Mass. 

With a quickly google search, you’ll be able to find Catholic Mass activities that are perfect for kids of all ages. 

From coloring pages depicting scenes from the life of Jesus Christ to Mass worksheets that explore the parts of the Mass or match the Sunday readings, there’s something for everyone. 

The best part? 

They’re not just fun; they’re educational too! 

Utilize a Catholic Kids Bulletin

Does your church offer children’s bulletins? 

Ours provides them at the end of every Mass, and are so fun for the kids. 

They love feeling special with their own church bulletins and they are totally geared towards kids, which is super fun. 

Sometimes we’ll try to hold onto the kids’ bulletin for the following week and then the kids can do the short activities. 

Picture Book of the Mass or Bible Stories

Letting your child page through pictures from bible stories or a Mass book can help them become more engaged in what’s going on around them. 

And if they’re so busy looking at a picture of Noah and Ark, and the gospel is actually about the last supper – it’s OKAY. 

Hey, at least we’re on the right subject 😉

Get Your Child Involved

We all become a lot more engaged when we’re involved in what’s going on around us, and kids are no different! 

Children of all ages can often join some type of activity during Mass or after that can help them become more engaged during Mass. 

Some ideas to get your child involved during Mass:

  • attend Sunday School or Children’s Liturgy 
  • Join the Children’s Choir
  • Take part in small groups (often geared towards older children)
  • Become an alter server 

I’m not totally delusional and understand this usually doesn’t include babies and toddlers unfortunately (a truly tough group to keep engaged! ;)). 

My best suggestion for the youngest crowd is to just keep going! You’re doing great and you’ll get there!

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How to Help Your Kids Make It Through Mass

Kids are curious, busy, and fun. 

And sitting for an hour or more can be really really hard sometimes, so having some great parenting tips in our back pocket to make it through Mass with young kids is nothing to scoff about. 

So whether you’re just starting to take your child to Mass, you’re transitioning from a Mass free-for-all to paying more attention and being engaged, or you’re just looking for a new activity to keep your child busy at church, I hope you’ll love this Mass activity sheet checklist for kids. 

Just remember, as you dive into this adventure of engaging your kids during Mass, remember that it’s all about creating a connection between the liturgy and their lives. 

As a Catholic parent, you’re not just keeping them occupied – you’re nurturing their faith journey.

For more activities for kids, check out:

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