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45 Easy Valentine’s Day Treats To Make With Your Kids

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by creating fun Valentine’s Day treats with your kids? 

This year, dive into the spirit of love and sweetness with 45 Easy Valentine’s Day Treats perfect for bonding moments and creating lasting memories.

From classic favorites like heart-shaped cookies using a trusty heart-shaped cookie cutter to inventive ideas like Valentine’s Day-inspired cake pops and strawberry wafer cookies, this amazing list offers a fun and delicious variety of sweet options. 

These are the perfect fun treats for school parties or a special fun snack at home. 

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45 Valentine’s Day Treats You Can Make With Kids

Whether your craving your Valentine’s desserts to be cookies, cakes, brownies, rice crispies, or something else absolutely delicious – chances are good this list has something you’ll fall in love with.

14 Cookies to Make for Valentine’s Day

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1. Valentine’s Day Heart Cookies


These Valentine’s Day Heart Cookies are gluten, vegan, and allergy-free; and they’re totally adorable!

From the white chocolate, to the strawberry jelly, to the sweet heart sprinkles, these cookies are sure to be a winner at your Valentine’s event.

Get the recipe here at Strength and Sunshine.

2. Chocolate Dipped Heart Cookies


These cookies are simple, easy, and fun – which is perfect for making sweet treats with your littles!

You could make the whole recipe together, or get the cookie baking out of the way ahead of time on your own, and ask your kids to assist with the chocolate dipping and sprinkles.

Check out the full recipe at Dinner at the Zoo.

3. Valentine’s Day Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet


This skillet Valentine’s Day cookie is making my mouth water!

The best part?

Your kids will LOVE adding the pink and red Valentine’s m&ms and chocolate chips to decorate this cookie and make it perfect for Valentines.

Check out the full recipe at The Cookin’ Chicks

4. Valentine’s Girl Scout Cookies


How cute are these girl scout Valentines cookies?

They’re incredibly easy to make as the base (ehm, cookie part) is already made for you.

Just add the fun frostings or sprinkles, display or package them in a super cute way, and voila – the perfect Valentine’s Day cookies!

Check out the full recipe at Laura Kelly.

5. Conversation Heart Cookies


Just like the fun conversation hearts we used to get and give as kids (honest moment, I hated the taste of those), these cookies are so adorable with their sweet sayings!

And I bet taste 1000% better than the chalky hearts 😉

Check out the full recipe at Amanda’s Cookin’

6. Easy Valentine Heart Shaped Sugar Cookies With Strawberry Buttercream


Aren’t these Valentine’s Day heart cookies amazing?

They’re the perfect touch of simple, sweet, and just the right amount of “extra” for Valentine’s Day.

June also gives tons of different tips for how to adjust the recipe for when you need it to be gluten free, and what to do if you don’t have a heart shaped cookie cutter at home.

Check out the full recipe at Practically Homemade

7. Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies


These red velvet crinkle cookies are so fun and the perfect color for celebrating the holiday of love.

Let your kids dig in and help you roll these in powdered sugar and enjoy these “fudgey, cakey, ‘almost’ like brownie cookies.”

Check out the full recipe at Curry Trail

8. Tie Dye Heart Sugar Cookies


The magic of these Valentine’s Day cookies is really in the icing.

How gorgeous is that tie dye effect?

Plus, it adds a fun element to baking that you and your kids may have never tried before.

Check out the full recipe at The Simple Sweet Life

9. Chocolate Chip Heart Shaped Cookies


Is there anything better than a classic chocolate chip heart shaped cookie?

These might be my absolute favorite cookie, especially when you add the fun pink and red M&Ms, a few chocolate chips, and some Valentines sprinkles.

Check out the full recipe at Maple & Thyme

10. Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake


Cookie cakes just got fancier. If your family isn’t into cakes, but loves cookies – a cookie cake is the way to go.

And this one?

It looks mouthwateringly good.

And the fun part is you can decorate it however you’d like – whether it’s hearts, “Happy Valentine’s Day”, or fun pink floral accents.

Check out the full recipe at Crystal and Comp

11. Stained Glass Valentine Cookies Recipe


They Valentine’s Day cookies are totally unique, while somehow still being super sweet and simple.

Even if you’re not a baker you can pull these off with the tips Darcy gives.

Your kids will love making the tiny heart shaped cuts in the cookies and sharing these with their friends and classmates.

Check out the full recipe at Darcy and Brian

12. Gluten-Free Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies


Whether the Valentines desserts are for you or you’re sharing them at work or a party, sometimes you need them to be gluten free.

These are a super yummy option that uses gluten free flour and brown sugar to keep every bit of that delicious cookie taste.

Check out the full recipe at Olivia’s Kitchen

13. Scottish Shortbread Cookies with Chocolate


One last chocolate dipped cookie because I just couldn’t resist.

I don’t think you’d believe me if I told you there are only FOUR simple ingredients to this recipe, but it’s true!

Head to the recipe below to find out how to make these super easy Valentine’s cookies.

Check out the full recipe at Chew Out Loud

14. Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies


If cheesecake is your favorite dessert, these cookies are for you! An easy, Valentine’s Day styled cookie with bites of yummy strawberry cheesecake.

Check out the full recipes at Enza’s Quail Hollow Kitchen

7 Brownie Recipes to Make For Valentine’s Day

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15. Peppermint Brownies


How beautiful are these brownies?!

Not only do they have that perfect pop of red from the peppermint, but you can also add chocolate drizzle to the tops of these yummy fudgy brownies.

Check out the full recipe at Vintage Kitchen Notes

16. Brownie Waffles (using brownie waffle mix)


These brownie waffles are super easy, and such a fun way to make breakfast a little extra special on Valentine’s Day.

Now… I never said this was a healthy breakfast 😉

– but a fun, fudgy, yummy, heart filled and shaped dessert for breakfast.

Check out the full recipes at Finding Zest

17. Cream Filled Double Chocolate Brownies


These cream filled snacks for Valentine’s are the perfect mix of looking like fun conversation heart and a little debbie’s snack.

These take less than an hour from start to finish, and your kids will love helping you fill them!

Check out the full recipe at Saving Dollars and Sense

18. Red Velvet Brownies (using cake mix)


I’m a total sucker for Red Velvet. Whether it’s the novelty or the bright color, it just seems “special”.

These brownies are at the top of my list to make for Valentine’s this year.

Check out the full recipe at The Short Order Cook

19. Strawberry Brownies


If you’re going all out for Valentine’s strawberry is the way to go and these strawberry brownies are no exemption.

These also have an amazing cream cheese glaze to top them off in just the perfect way.

Check out the full recipe at The Anthony Kitchen

20. Red Velvet Brownies with Drizzle and Sprinkles


Another round of red velvet brownies with a different twist. These are made from scratch, so if you want to avoid the box, these are for you!

I love that these have just a drizzle of cream cheese glaze across the top and and sweet Valentine’s sprinkles.

Check out the full recipe at Cambrea Bakes

21. Healthier Brownies


If you’re on the hunt for a healthier Valentine’s Day treat, these brownies might be perfect for you.

They use applesauce, Greek yogurt, and maple syrup to make this recipe a little healthier than your typical brownie. Give it a try!

Check out this full recipe at She Wants To Be Good

Valentine’s Drinks to Try

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22. Rose Hot Chocolate


Hot chocolate in the middle of a cold February sounds like the perfect way to warm up.

So how can you make it Valentine’s themed?

By using the prettiest rose hot chocolate recipe!

Check out the full recipe at Next in Lime

23. Shimmering Cotton Candy Spritz Cocktail (w/ prosecco)


This drink is SO darn pretty. From the fun cotton candy, to the edible glitter, this recipe will add the fun to your Valentine’s Day party.

The best part? There’s great alternatives to make this drink non-alcoholic and super fun for kids too.

Get the full recipe at A Grateful Meal

Frozen Treats to Make for Valentine’s Day

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24. Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Frozen Greek Yogurt Bites


These fun frozen treats are not only a pretty healthy treat option, they’re also incredibly easy!

Just make sure you have some little heart molds and cute straws, then follow the recipe below.

Check out the full recipe at Two Healthy Kitchens

25. Strawberry Frozen Yogurt


This 5 minute strawberry frozen yogurt recipe is perfect for those of you in warmer climates. It looks absolutely refreshing and with only 4 ingredients, we’d say it’s a pretty easy recipe to follow.


Check out the full recipe at Flavour Street

No Bake Valentine’s Treats

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26. Pink Heart Hershey Kiss Pretzels


If you’re looking for a fun and easy recipe to do with your kids for Valentine’s Day – this is it.

Check out the full recipe at Dancing Through The Rain

27. Valentine Pretzel Treats


Here’s another take on the fun Valentine’s pretzels with chocolate.

These use Hershey’s HUGS instead of Kisses and top with a sweet little conversation heart.

Check out the full recipe at The Soccer Mom Blog

28. Conversation Heart Marshmallow Pops


I cannot get over how much I love these.

And a bonus? They’re super easy to do with toddlers or preschoolers (and they’ll love to help!).

These simple and sweet pink heart shaped marshmallows are dipped in yummy melting wafers and can be decorated in a variety of ways to celebrate Saint Valentine.

Get the full recipe at The Soccer Mom Blog

29. Dipped Pretzels


Almond bark dipped pretzels are one of my favorite holiday treats – and these are absolutely adorable for Valentine’s Day.

Whether you need to take these for a work party, send them off with your kids to school, or just have a pretty plate at home – they’ll be gone in a flash.

Check out the full recipe at The Curious Frugal

30. Valentines Trail Mix Recipe


Looking for a healthy dessert for Valentine’s Day?

Trail mix is a super fun treat to put together and usually ends up quite a bit healthier than many other desserts. These are cute, pink, and perfect for Valentines!

Get the full recipe at 3 Boys and a Dog

31. Oreo Cookie Balls


I’m a sucker for oreo cookie balls. And these Valentine’s inspired ones are too cute to skip over!

They’re no bake, fun, and delicious.

Check out the full recipe at Fat Dad Cookie Balls

32. Valentine’s Day Chocolate Popcorn


Take popcorn and spice it up a little bit!

This Valentine’s Day popcorn recipe can be made in less than 20 minutes and is sure to be a hit wherever you take it.

Check out the full recipe at Drug Store Divas

33. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries


Chocolate dipped strawberries are a class for Valentine’s Day.

The best part?

They’re quick, easy, and SO delicious.

Check out the full recipe at Dinner at the Zoo

34. Chocolate Covered Cherries


While we’re talking about dipping things in chocolate, let’s add cherries to mix.

These are super easy, only use 3 ingredients, and can be done in 15 minutes!

Check out the full recipe at Olivia’s Kitchen

35. Valentine’s Rice Krispie Treats


How cute is this take on rice krispies?

From the pink color, to the frosting and the adorable Valentine’s sprinkles.

Check out the full recipe at The Reid Homestead

36. Valentine’s Charcuterie Board


Charcuterie boards are super popular right now, and this one is GORGEOUS.

Your guests will love snacking on these cute Valentine’s themed treats all night long.

Check out the instructions at Little Sunny Kitchen

37. 3 Ingredients White Chocolate Fudge


If white chocolate is your thing, then you need to make this easy white chocolate fudge recipe.

The sprinkles make is so joyful and you can always add only red and pink sprinkles to really hone in on the holiday of love theme.

Check out the full recipe at Curry Trail

38. Valentine’s Puppy Chow


My family and I are big puppy chow fans (muddy buddies anyone?), and this version is perfect for kids (and adults) on Valentine’s Day.

With M&Ms and conversation hearts, you can’t go wrong.

Check out the full recipe at The Soccer Mom Blog

39. Valentine’s Day Wafers


These Valentine’s Day wafers are adorable and so easy to make!

From no baking, to lots of dipping and decorating, these are the perfect treat for kids to make.

Check out the recipe at In The Kids Kitchen

40. Cupid Crunch Valentine’s Day Chex Mix


Making chex mix is easy and fun – and this Valentine’s Day version is no exception!

Follow the recipe or add your own extras to this yummy treat.

Check out the recipe at Laura Kelly

41. Valentine’s Day Fortune Cookies


If your family loves fortune cookies, this is a fun twist on them that makes them perfect for Valentine’s Day.

With a little frosting and some sprinkles – these are just what the crowd ordered!

Check out the full recipe at Dancing Through the Rain

42. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Hearts


Edible chocolate chip cookie dough? Count me in!

Everyone will love these heart shaped cookie dough chunks with the perfect touch of added chocolate.

Check out the full recipe at In the Kids Kitchen

43. Cookie Dough Bark


This cookie dough bark looks absolutely delicious.

And the best part?

You can adjust the shapes and colors to make this yummy treat fit for any holiday or party you have!

Get the full recipe at Live to Sweet

44. Strawberry & Cream Dessert


How pretty and refreshing does this dessert look?

Add your strawberries and cream to a pretty cup and sprinkle a few sprinkles on top to top it off!

Check out the full recipe at Flavour Street

45. Vegan Truffles


Is there anything better than a rich chocolate truffle?

Truffles are everywhere on Valentine’s, but what about a homemade one?

Try making your own with this yummy, vegan recipe!

Get the full recipe at Addicted to Dates

46. No Bake Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake


Another chance at cheesecake!

This cheesecake looks picture perfect for a Valentine’s date night or to share with the family.

Get the full recipe at The Simple Sweet Life

6 Bonus Desserts to Make for Valentine’s Day

delicious Valentine's dessertsPin

47. Paleo Chocolate Crepes with Strawberries


Doesn’t this picture just make your mouth water?

Try these chocolate crepes topped with strawberries to get a delicious treat (in a healthier way). Not only are they paleo, but also free of refined sugar, grain, gluten, and dairy-free

Get the full recipe at Evolving Table

48. Air Fryer Heart Shaped Donuts


I’ve been waiting this whole post to find the perfect spot to share these air fryer heart shaped donuts.

The biggest shock of all?

These can be done in TEN minutes.

What?! How?! Check it out below.

Get the full recipe at Recipes from a Pantry

49. Heart Macarons


Macarons can seem daunting, but this recipe promises a simple recipe with a delicious vanilla buttercream filling.

You won’t be able to whip these up super fast, but they’re so cute they’ll be worth it.

Check out the full recipe at Little Sunny Kitchen

50. Strawberry Macarons


While we’re on the topic of macarons – here’s another great recipe for strawberry macarons with the cutest sprinkle accent.

Check them out at DIY Candy

51. Decadent Chocolate Valentine’s Day Cake for Two


Have I mentioned that I’m a chocoholic?

This chocolate cake looks absolutely, melt in your mouth, amazing.

What’s extra special about this one?

It only makes two slices, so you won’t let any go to waste!

Check out the full recipe at An Edible Mosaic

52. Strawberry Nutella Cupcakes


Finally a sweet little cupcake to end the list!

This strawberry nutella cupcake has the fluffiest strawberry frosting and would make the best Valentine’s treats for a classroom or kid’s party.

Check out the full recipe at DIY Candy

The Best Valentine’s Day Desserts To Make This Year

Do you have other tried and true Valentine’s Day desserts that you and your family love to make?

I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!


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