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13 Themed Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

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When it comes to creating Easter baskets for kids, incorporating their favorite themes can make the celebration even more special.

Here are some top favorite themes for kids’ Easter baskets.


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Bluey’s Easter Quest

Make Easter morning a Bluey-themed quest for your little one. Include a small Lego set with Bluey characters and new bath toys, creating a perfect blend of creative play and sweet surprises.

Enchanting Disney Extravaganza

Dive into the magical world of Disney with a princess-themed Easter basket for your little girl. Add some Disney-themed art supplies, such as coloring books and markers, making it a great way for her to unleash her creative juices on Easter morning.

LEGO Builders’ Dream

For the older kids who love building, consider a basket with a small Lego set. Add in practical items like a water bottle or a storage box, making it a unique and practical Easter gift idea.

Mermaid Magic

Transform Easter into an undersea adventure with a mermaid-themed basket.

Fill the basket with colorful bath bombs and Easter candy for a sweet and enchanting celebration.

Superheroes Galore/Marvel Basket

Ignite the excitement on Easter morning with a superhero-themed basket for your little boy. Incorporate a small Lego set of superhero characters, superhero-themed water bottles, and even a creative Easter egg hunt featuring plastic eggs filled with jelly beans and sweet treats.

Mickey Mouse Themed Basket

Does your child LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? This Easter basket is filled with fun Mickey and friends themed items.

Minnie Mouse Themed Basket

What’s Mickey without Minnie? If you have a little one who adores Minnie Mouse, check out these fun Easter basket swaps from the Mickey version above!

Paw Patrol Adventure Hunt

Turn the Easter egg hunt into a Paw Patrol adventure for the little ones. Purchase Paw Patrol-themed plastic eggs, and create a scavenger hunt leading to a basket filled with chocolate bunnies and other sweet treats.

Fun in the Sun Beach Themed Basket

Transport your family to the shore with a beach-themed Easter basket.

Include ideas like new swimsuits, beach toys, and some beachfront treats.

Tuck in some jelly beans and chocolate eggs for a sweet seaside surprise.

Dino Discovery Basket

Foster an interest in paleontology with a dinosaur-themed Easter basket for older kids. Add a small Lego set featuring dinosaurs, and include plastic eggs with dino digs, plastic dinosaurs, or fun play-doh sets.

Space Explorers’

Combine education and fun with a space-themed Easter basket for kids of all ages. Add some fun space-themed art supplies, temporary tattoos, or nail polish to make Easter morning a blast for creative expression.

Outdoor Explorer’s Basket for Teens

Encourage outdoor activities with a themed basket for teens.

Utilize outdoor items like bright-colored sidewalk chalk and outdoor games, creating a basket filled with fun items perfect for Easter beyond.

Chic Teen Retreat

Craft an adult Easter basket with a touch of sophistication for your teen girl.

Try adding some gift cards, nail polish, bath bombs, and maybe even a stylish new accessory for a thoughtful Easter basket.

Movie Night Magic Basket

Create a cinematic experience at home with a movie-themed Easter basket. Add movie theater gift cards to their favorite streaming services, and fill the basket with popcorn, movie snacks, and maybe even a classic book or two.

It’s the perfect setup for a cozy Easter movie night.

Spa Day Extravaganza Basket

Treat your loved ones to a relaxing spa day with a spa-themed Easter basket. Include bath bombs, scented candles, and spa essentials.

Add in some Lindt Chocolate for a touch of indulgence, making it the ultimate spa retreat in the comfort of their own home.

Best Themed Easter Basket Ideas

Remember, the key to a perfect Easter basket is to tailor it to the recipient’s interests, incorporate creative ideas, and add a touch of surprise and delight.

Whether it’s themed baskets, specific items they love, or a mix of both, these Easter basket ideas are sure to make this Easter the best one yet for your family.

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