107 Fun Elf on the Shelf Ideas to Steal This Christmas Season

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Are you ready to sprinkle a little extra magic into this holiday season?

Maybe you’ve jumped head first into the Elf on the Shelf experience, orrrr maybe you’re just dipping your toes in to see what the magic is all about. 

If you’ve got an elf waiting to make its grand entrance through the candy canes forrest or are seeking some ingenious ideas to amp up the elf antics, you’re in the perfect spot. 

This isn’t just any old elf; this mischievous little fellow is the true MVP of holiday fun, popping up in the most unexpected places and bringing giggles galore to kids (and let’s be real, to us adults too!).

We’ve gathered up some super fun ideas that will have your elf stealing the show! From North Pole-inspired adventures to creative ideas that’ll have your kiddos giggling until New Year’s, we’ve got your back. 

Get ready to outdo even Santa’s workshop with these Elf on the Shelf ideas!


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Super Fun Elf on the Shelf Ideas

1. Elf on the Shelf Movie Night 


This adorable Elf on the Shelf idea from Movie Nights at Home is perfect for getting the whole family together for a cozy Christmas movie on the couch. Get the free movie props for your elf here

2. Elf Hot Air Balloon


This Elf isn’t on the shelf anymore! The Creek Line House brilliantly uses a balloon and card stock to make an adorable and easy hot air balloon elf.

3. Camping Elf


Are you a family of campers? If so, this Elf on the Shelf idea was made for you. The Creek Line House uses a simple piece of card stock, string, toothpicks and marshmallows to made an adorable and easy to set up scene for your Elf.

4. Ninja Warrior Elf


Do you have kids who can’t get enough of the Ninja Warrior? My kids would absolutely love this fun idea from The Creek Line House

5. Elf on the Shelf Mickey and Minnie Ears 


​About to go to Disney World or just want to have your Elf dress up a little? Try these Elf on the Shelf Minnie or Mickey ears from Simplify Create Inspire.

6. Elf on the Shelf Snack Shack


How fun is this cute little wintry snack shack for your elf? You can print it for free here at Saving Dollars and Sense and then set up your cute little snack set for your Elf! 

7. Elf on the Shelf Letter Board Ideas


If your kids are old enough to read, they might enjoy some of these funny letter board ideas from Mamas Buzz. From jokes to puns and silly phrases – these are some Elf sayings you’ve gotta check out. 

8. Toilet Paper Roll Elf

Your funny elf just turned into a pretty mischievous elf with this innocent toilet paper elf setup. Check out the instagram video above from mikalamacfadzen.

9. Barbie Car Elves (Joy Ride ;))


How cute are these elves from Crafting With Kids going for a joy ride (get it ;)) in Barbie’s new car. If you have other toys around your home, don’t be afraid to utilize them in a great way to make your new elf shine.  

10. Guess Who?!


Give your little elf an extra fun night in by having game night with a new friend. This set up by Crafting With Kids is way too cute. 

11. Elves LOVE Candy


It’s true what they say, candy is a main food group of the elves! If you have plenty of extra Halloween candy lying around, like Crafting With Kids did, let your elf take a dive right in. 

12. Getting Cozy


Let your favorite elf get extra cozy in a Barbie bed (the size is almost perfect!). Super fun set up again by Crafting With Kids.

13. Astronaut Elf


This astronaut elf on the shelf idea from In The Playroom is absolutely adorable. I mean, for real! With a little help from tin foil, you can twist and bend your supplies to make an adorable last-minute elf who’s off to space. 

14. Elf in the Christmas Lights


This super simple idea just takes some extra Christmas decorations and a silly elf. Wrap your family elf with a few lights like In the Playroom did (fairy lights would work great too!) and get ready for the magic.

15. Elf Snow Angel


It’s the best time of year for snow angels, right? At least your Christmas elf thinks so! Whether you use flour like House of Mark or marshmallows for this cute idea, your kids are bound to love it. 

16. Balloon Ride

Attach the elf to a helium balloon or a small drone for a “ride.”

17. Yoga Elf

Pose the elf doing yoga with tiny yoga mats and props.

18. Elf Band 

Set up toy instruments for the elf to appear like they’re playing in a band.

19. Elf Ziploc Slide

Make a slide from a Ziploc bag and have the elf slide down.

20. Elf Spa Day

Create a spa setup with cotton balls and miniature beauty products.

21. Elf Artist

Provide art supplies for the elf to create mini masterpieces.

22. Elf Candy Shop

Display various candies with the elf behind the counter.

23. Elf Superhero

Dress up the elf in a superhero outfit and pose them heroically.

24. Elf Mail Delivery

Use a mini mailbox for the elf to deliver tiny letters.

25. Elf Gardener

Set up a small garden with plants and gardening tools for the elf.

26. Elf Gym

Use miniature workout equipment with the elf exercising.

27. Elf Ziploc Snowball Fight

Fill bags with cotton balls for a snowball fight scene.

28. Elf Movie Director

Set up a director’s chair and camera for the elf to direct a scene.

29. Elf Picnic

Arrange a picnic setting with tiny food items for the elf.

30. Elf Rock Climbing

Create a mini climbing wall for the elf to climb.

31. Elf Classroom

Use school supplies to create a classroom scene with the elf as the teacher.

32. Elf Bubble Bath

Fill a container with soapy water for the elf to take a bubble bath.

33. Elf Elfie

Have the elf take a selfie with a toy phone or camera.

34. Elf Toy Train Ride

Set up a toy train with the elf riding along.

35. Elf Spa Retreat

Create a spa scene with relaxing elements for the elf.

36. Elf Bowling

Use small objects as pins and a tiny ball for a bowling scene.

37. Elf Disco Party

Set up a disco scene with lights and music for the elf.

38. Elf Fashion Show

Dress the elf in different outfits and create a runway for them.

39. Elf Tea Party 

Arrange a tea party scene with tiny cups and treats for the elf.

40. Elf Skating Rink 

Create a skating scene using wax paper and mini figurines.

41. Elf Dentist

Set up a dental scene with miniature dental tools and toys.

42. Elf Football Game

Create a mini football field for the elf and toys to play.

43. Elf Pirate Adventure

Dress the elf as a pirate and set up a treasure hunt.

44. Elf Magic Show

Perform a mini magic show with the elf as the magician.

45. Elf Science Lab

Arrange a science experiment scene for the elf.

46. Elf Astronaut

Dress the elf in an astronaut outfit for a space adventure.

47. Elf Karaoke Night

Set up a karaoke machine for the elf to sing.

48. Elf Circus Act

Create a circus scene with the elf performing tricks.

49. Elf Zookeeper

Arrange a mini zoo scene with toy animals for the elf.

50. Elf Bowling Alley

Create a bowling alley scene for the elf and toys.

51. Elf Construction Site

Set up a construction scene with mini tools and materials.

52. Elf Zoo Visit

Arrange a zoo visit scene with toy animals for the elf.

53. Elf Picnic by the Fireplace

Set up a cozy indoor picnic scene for the elf.

54. Elf Bowling Challenge

Set up a bowling game for the elf to challenge other toys.

55. Elf Pirate Ship Adventure

Create a pirate ship scene for the elf to explore.

56. Elf Space Mission

Set up a space-themed scene for the elf’s intergalactic adventure.

57. Elf Toy Store Visit

Create a toy store scene with various toys for the elf.

58. Elf Doctor’s Office

Set up a medical scene with a doctor’s kit for the elf.

59. Elf Ballerina

Dress the elf in a ballet outfit for a dance scene.

60. Elf Ice Cream Parlor

Create an ice cream shop scene with tiny treats for the elf.

61. Elf Baker’s Kitchen

Set up a miniature kitchen for the elf’s baking adventures.

62. Elf Pirate Treasure Hunt

Create a treasure hunt scene for the elf to find hidden treasures.

63. Elf Science Experiment 

Set up a science lab scene with experiments for the elf.

64. Elf Spy Mission

Create a spy scene with secret messages for the elf.

65. Elf Circus Performance

Set up a circus show with tricks and acts for the elf.

66. Elf Fairy Tale

Create a fairy tale scene with the elf as a character.

67. Elf Soccer Match 

Create a soccer field for the elf and toys to play.

68. Elf Painter

Set up an art studio for the elf to paint tiny masterpieces.

69. Elf Doctor’s Checkup

Set up a doctor’s office scene for the elf’s checkup.

70. Elf Toy Factory

Create a toy-making scene for the elf in a factory setup.

71. Elf Disco Dance Party

Set up a dance floor for the elf’s disco party.

72. Elf Zoo Safari

Arrange a safari scene with toy animals for the elf to explore.

73. Elf Farmer

Set up a farm scene with toy animals and farming tools.

74. Elf Space Explorer

Create a space exploration scene for the elf.

75. Elf Fashion Designer

Set up a design studio for the elf’s fashion creations.

76. Elf Music Band Rehearsal

Set up a music rehearsal scene for the elf band.

77. Elf Toy Car Race

Create a race track for toy cars and the elf to race.

78. Elf Puppet Show

Set up a puppet theater for the elf to perform a show.

79. Elf Library Reading

Set up a library scene with tiny books for the elf to read.

80. Elf Cooking Show

Set up a kitchen scene for the elf to host a cooking show.

81. Elf Toy Shop Worker

Arrange a toy shop scene with the elf as a worker.

82. Elf Circus Ringmaster

Dress the elf as a ringmaster for a circus show.

83. Elf Pirate Captain

Dress the elf as a captain for a pirate adventure.

84. Elf Mad Scientist

Create a laboratory scene for the elf’s experiments.

85. Elf Veterinarian

Set up a vet clinic scene for the elf to care for toy animals.

86. Elf Disco DJ

Set up a DJ booth for the elf to play music.

87. Elf Toy Factory Inspection

Arrange a scene where the elf inspects toys in a factory.

88. Elf Toy Store Clerk

Set up a toy store scene with the elf as a clerk.

89. Elf Space Station

Create a space station scene for the elf’s space adventures.

90. Elf Toy Maker

Set up a workshop scene for the elf’s toy-making.

91. Elf Construction Worker

Set up a construction site scene for the elf.

92. Elf Race Car Driver

Dress the elf as a race car driver for a race scene.

93. Elf Zookeeper

Set up a zoo scene with the elf taking care of toy animals.

94. Elf Toy Shop Owner

Set up a toy shop scene with the elf as the owner.

95. Elf Movie Producer

Set up a movie production scene for the elf.

96. Elf Toy Factory Manager

Arrange a scene where the elf manages a toy factory.

97. Elf Astronaut Training

Set up a training scene for the elf’s space journey.

98. Elf Toy Store Manager

Set up a scene where the elf manages a toy store.

99. Elf Beach Day

Create a beach scene with sand and tiny beach toys for the elf.

100. Elf Firefighter

Dress the elf as a firefighter and set up a rescue scene.

101. Elf Detective

Create a mystery scene with clues for the elf to solve.

102. Elf Spa Manicure

Set up a manicure scene for the elf with tiny nail supplies.

103. Elf Baker

Have the elf baking with miniature baking ingredients.

104. Elf Magician

Perform a magic trick setup with the elf.

There you go! One hundred fun and easy Elf on the Shelf ideas to keep the holiday spirit alive.

105. Elf Movie Night 

Set up a small TV and popcorn for the elf to watch a movie.

106. Zip Line Adventure

Create a zip line using string or dental floss for the elf to “zip” across the room.

107. Marshmallow Hot Tub

Place the elf in a bowl of mini marshmallows to create a hot tub scene.

108. Elf Bakery

Set up a baking scene with miniature baking supplies for the elf to make treats.

109. Toilet Paper Shenanigans

Have the elf wrap the toilet in toilet paper with a playful message.

110. Fishing Fun

Create a fishing scene with Goldfish crackers and a miniature fishing rod.

111. Elf Hide and Seek

Hide the elf in a jar of candies, peeking out.


Elf Moving Glove


If you’re needing to give your Elf a boost while your littles are around (without it losing it’s magic), using a special elf moving glove may be just what you need. You can get the elf moving glove SVG here from Morgan Wender.

The Best Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Your Family This Christmas

Whether it’s a dash of chocolate chips leading to a cozy hot chocolate station by the Christmas tree or a new spot for our mischievous friend to surprise us come December 1st, the Christmas season is about to get a whole lot more merry and bright. 

From quick tic-tac-toe games with wrapping paper to secret messages on a piece of paper hidden in the light fixture, these clever antics are bound to keep the magic alive. 

Trust me, there’s nothing like seeing the excitement in the eyes of both little and older kids as they discover their little friend’s antics each morning. 

So, here’s to a season filled with warm cups of cocoa, laughter echoing through the living room, and the pure magic of our scout elves making every day a Christmas morning.

Happy elf-ing, friends!

🎥 Check out the Web Story for 107+ Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas that are still Magical!

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