55 Best Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers and Babies (2024)

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Best Easter Ideas that Aren’t Candy!

I remember waking up Easter morning and running to see what the Easter bunny brought. Big kids Easter gifts are usually easy to grab, but little kids’ easter baskets can be so much fun to fill.

Whether you just had a baby or you’re trying to come up with some cute ideas for your 2 year olds basket that doesn’t include chocolate bunnies, this ultimate list of Easter ideas for babies and toddlers is perfect for you!


Buy An Easter Basket

If this is baby’s first Easter, chances are you don’t have a spare Easter basket lying around.

And while I could totally recommend you grab one at Target or on Amazon to get it quick (this one is sweet and basic), I highly recommend you check out these baskets on Etsy. You can customize the baskets and get something you totally love that you won’t mind pulling out of the closet year after year!

I’m currently loving on this one, and just hit add to cart!

Okay, back to the fun Easter basket stuffers for babies and toddlers!

You’ll find everything from fun to practical gifts. And…most of these Easter ideas are not food – which means they’ll last a lot longer in your house.

✅ Mom-Approved Baby Easter Basket Stuffers

Here’s a quick list of some of the top Easter basket stuffers for babies first Easter and even things your toddler will LOVE. The full list is below!

Infantino Good Bites Textured Carrot Teether
A teether your baby will love – that's perfect for Easter!
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Hippity, Hoppity, Little Bunny (Finger Puppet Book)
A must have fun Easter book for little hands!
Get it now!
Infantino Pat and Play Water Mat
This little gift is the perfect price for a baby Easter basket stuffer, and will keep your baby busy all day long!
Get it now!
Disney Baby My First Easter
The more Easter books for your toddler the better, am I right?
Get it now!
Crayola Washable Palm Grasp Crayons, Amazon Exclusive, 9ct, Toddler Toys, Gift
I am obsessed with gifts that let your child create! These egg shaped crayons are perfect Easter basket stuffers + they're great for little hands. A win win!
Get it now!
Little Kids Fubbles No-Spill Tumbler Bubbles
ALL KIDS LOVE BUBBLES. This is an easy gift you know little ones will love!
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TOMY Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs
These matching and sorting eggs are fun for both babies and toddlers this Easter!
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Easter Basket Ideas for babies and toddlersPin

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(Mostly) Healthy Easter Ideas for Babies & Toddlers

Check out this list of great Easter basket filler and gift ideas. Many of these ideas can also work great for Easter egg hunts, you just might need to buy a few larger easter eggs to accommodate the goodies inside!

Easter Ideas for Babies & ToddlersPin
  1. Easter Outfit – An Easter outfit is about as cute as it gets. From either a complete Easter dress or suit, to a cute Easter t-shirt. Check out Etsy and Amazon for some unique and customizable options! Bonus points if it has their favorite characters too!
  2. New Jammies – I’m a momma who loves snuggling a baby in jammies. And new jammies? They’re so cuddly and make one of the best Easter basket ideas.
  3. Bandana Bib – Is your baby a drooler? Pick up some of these adorable bandana bibs as a great way to be practical AND cute.
  4. Headbands & Bows – Can a little girl ever have too many headbands and bows to accessorize with? These make a great addition to any basket.
  5. Teethers – From the super popular Sophie Giraffe to my favorite berry pacifiers – your little one is bound to need one (or two!) of these.
  6. Rattle – Did you know a rattle is still likely to be one of the first toys your baby can figure out and play with? Grab a cute one and stick it in baby’s Easter basket!
  7. Nose Frida – Okay, this Easter idea for baby may be more for you than your baby. But man – does it work wonders!
  8. Swaddle Blanket – A soft, cozy swaddle all wrapped up is the perfect gift to throw in the back of baby’s Easter basket.
  9. Lovey – Depending on your baby’s age, he or she may be ready for a lovey – find a cute one and add it to the fun!
  10. Peek A Boo Elephant – I’ve had my eye on this sweet elephant for a while now. Just watch the video and I dare you to tell me it’s not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. My toddler LOVES that it plays peek a boo and he can’t stop smiling around it.
  11. Stuffed Animal – Can you have too many stuffed animals? Yes. Yes you can. BUT – if your little one hasn’t acquired a big collection yet, one more doesn’t hurt, right? Plus, there are so many different animals you can choose from (and an adorable stuffed bunny might be perfect for Easter Sunday).
  12. Yogurt Bites – Name brand or generic – these were one of our baby’s favorite treats making it one of the perfect additions to your baby’s Easter basket.
  13. Puffs – Puffs are a great option for babies just starting to eat solids.
  14. Sippy Cup – A fun sippy cup for your toddler can help encourage water drinking, while being stylish at the same time. We opt for the straw ones, like this, to help develop those motor skills!
  15. Suction Cup Bowls – Tired of your baby’s bowl tipping over – these suction cup bowls and plates might just be a lifesaver.
  16. Board Bible – It’s Easter and time to celebrate – I love this board book Bible – it even has lift the flaps!
  17. Easter Board Books – They make some super cute Easter books – and when they’re interactive? I love them even more for my little one!
  18. Board Books – Did you know that the more books you have in your house, the more likely your child is to be a better reader? That’s without even reading the books. So bring on the books!
  19. Bubbles/ Bubble Machine / Bubble Wands – Easter is a sign of spring with promises of warmer weather ahead. And bubbles are perfect for that!
  20. Pacifiers – If your baby uses a pacifier, this can be a great time to restock your stash.
  21. Pacifier Clips – If you’ve been using a pacifier without a clip – trust me – it’s time to invest. They have some adorable designs!
  22. Car Seat Toys – Make riding in the car more fun for your baby with an attachable car seat toy.
  23. Washable Finger Paints – Finger paints are so much fun for little hands to experiment with. The bright colors and texture of the paint will give your toddler a chance to explore and share their artistic side.
  24. Washable Crayons – I’ve learned quickly with young toddlers crayons can break pretty easily. I’ve found the best luck with these triangular shaped ones!
  25. Washable Markers – Kids love to color with a variety of different colors and sometimes a refresh of classic art supplies is a great gift.
  26. Color Wonder Books & Markers
  27. Water Wow Books – These Melissa & Doug toys have rave reviews in our house. We use them for church, in the car, anywhere! They are virtually mess free and help provide lots of entertainment for little ones!
  28. Coloring Book & Activity Books – Whether your 2 year old loves to color at home, or on the go, new coloring books are always a fun addition.
  29. Cars – Little boys (and girls!) love fun little race cars. If you want an extra surprise, hide them in plastic easter eggs.
  30. Play Doh
  31. Snack Catcher
  32. Tooth brush – If you have a baby – try the banana toothbrush. It doubles as a teether too! We found that as our baby grew to be a toddler however, he much preferred a fun toothbrush like this.
  33. Stickers / Sticker Books
  34. Bath Toys – Easter is the perfect time to get a few toys for bath time. Whether your 2 year old loves bath time already or you’re trying to make it more fun for them – these are great ideas (even for older kids!).
  35. Bath Letters
  36. Bath Crayons
  37. Light Up Bath Toys
  38. Sensory Ball
  39. Blow Up Pool
  40. Inflatable Baby Water Mat
  41. Wagon
  42. Swing
  43. Sunglasses
  44. Swim Diapers – While you can choose disposable swim diapers, I found I love the reusable ones with snaps – like this one!
  45. Sun Hat
  46. Squeeze Baby Blocks
  47. Mega Blocks
  48. Building Blocks
  49. Geometric Stacker Block Set
  50. Fun Animal Theme Growth Chart Ruler – Get a growth chart for baby’s first easter basket and use it for all your family members. You’ll love this sweet memery that starts in their gift basket.
  51. Squeak Eggs – These are adorable plastic eggs for ages 6 months and up. These fun toys are the perfect size for little hands and help improve color and shape recognition and make fun sounds.
  52. Color Matching Egg Set – These color matching eggs are another fun way for toddlers who are an older boy or old girls to learn. Educational toys that are also fun gift ideas? Count me in!
  53. Portable Musical Instrument
  54. Adorable Chick Night Light
  55. Stacking Cups – Stacking cups are some of my favorite Easter basket stuffers. They’re practical, cute, get used a ton, and are pretty minimal when it comes to extra cost.
  56. My First Holiday Belly Stickers
  57. Sidewalk ChalkSidewalk chalk is definitely on the list of great Easter basket ideas. It’s practical, bright, fun, and let’s your toddler practice their fine motor skills during outdoor play.
  58. Kinetic Sand – I highly recommend you save this one for old toddlers. Kinetic sand is a super fun, sensory, and imaginative toy – but you definitely don’t want your baby eating it. Yikes! However, this just might become a toddlers new favorite toy.

Traditional Easter Baskets

Now I know that traditional Easter baskets still have a special place in a lot of our hearts. The kinds filled with jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, and other yummy Easter candy.

You can still do that!

I just find a better way is to add fun things to the Easter basket that can help hold your child’s interest all year round.

Easter Baskets for Babies and Toddlers

Do you other favorite Easter basket ideas for your baby or toddler’s Easter basket? I’d love to see the pictures or hear your ideas in the comments below!

The best Easter ideas for babies and toddlersPin
Easy Easter ideas for babies and toddlers that aren't candy!Pin
The best Easter basket ideas for babies and toddlers!Pin
The best Easter ideas for toddlers that aren't candy!Pin
Easter basket ideas that aren't candy!Pin

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