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41 Beautiful Baby Shower Nail Ideas for Expecting Moms

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With your baby shower just around the corner – it’s time to pamper yourself a bit and pick the perfect nails for your upcoming baby shower.

Let’s chat about the best baby shower nail ideas because, let’s be real, every detail counts, right?

I recently dove into the TikTok world (yeah, I know, I’m a bit late to the party!) and stumbled upon some amazing nail designs that are just perfect for the occasion. 

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9 Gender Neutral Nail Designs for Your Baby Shower

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17 Baby Boy Nail Designs for Your Baby Shower

15 Baby Girl Nail Designs for Your Baby Shower

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Other Nail Ideas for Your Baby Shower

First things first, consider a chic white base – it’s clean, classy, and goes with everything. Add a pop of baby blue or a hint of pink for those baby vibes.

I mean, what’s a baby shower without some sweet pastels, right? 

Now, let’s talk accent nails – because who says we can’t have a little fun?

Simple floral designs are my absolute fave, adding a touch of nature to my mani.

And if you’re feeling a bit edgy, try the half-moon design or mix in bold colors for that extra flair. 

Oh, and did I mention baby girl vibes? Pink, pink, and more pink! Whether it’s a soft blush or a vibrant hot pink, it’s a win for baby shower manicures. 

Acrylic Nails vs Press On

Thinking about fake nails? Acrylics can be a great way to go! They give you that perfect length and shape, and let’s face it, they make you feel like a total nail artist. Plus, they last longer than most other options.

However, if you’re trying to stay budget conscious, I truly LOVE KISS Impress Nails.

I can get mine to stay on for 2 weeks by following these steps exactly:

  • Do your nails as the VERY last thing you do before going to sleep (you don’t want to wet your hands for a full 8 hours if possible after)
  • Use the little stick to push your cuticles back
  • File the tops of your nails just slightly
  • Wipe each nail down with an alcohol wipe
  • Press each nail down fully for a few seconds before moving on to the next nail (work from pinky to thumb)
  • Once you’re done, go back through and give each nail another good press

Here’s some great press on baby shower nail ideas you can DIY at home:

Choose the Baby Shower Nail Design You Love

But hey, I know we’re all different, so play around with different colors and designs until you find the one that screams “ME!”  

And if you’re still undecided, check out the average rating of your nail artist – it’s like a virtual high-five for their skills.

Here’s to beautiful nails, wonderful baby showers, and being the gorgeous mamas we are!

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