How to Survive Your Baby’s First Cold

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Tips to Surviving Your Baby’s First Cold

You’ve probably seen all the scary posts about RSV and big warnings about not kissing babies.

You’ve done everything you can to prevent your baby from getting sick, but now – low and behold – your baby is sick for the first time and you’re left wondering how you’re all going to survive your baby’s first cold.

As a nurse, I know how important it is to keep your baby healthy. As a mom, I know how much you want them to feel better.

So what do you do when your baby has their first cold? Keep reading to find out the best tips and tricks for your baby’s first cold!

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#1 Know When To Call Your Doctor

Your new baby has a lower immune system – which means he or she has a much better chance of getting a cold this winter. Unfortunately, if she has older brothers and sisters, goes to daycare, or is around a lot of people, her chance of catching something is even higher.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the best things you can do for your baby is:

  • Provide fluids
  • Keep the air moist
  • Help keep their nasal passages open

While there are many things you can do at home to help your baby, you’ll want to be sure to call your baby’s doctor if certain symptoms arise.

3 Months or Younger

If your baby is 3 months or younger, you should be sure to call your doctor early on. Your doctor will want to be sure that it really is just a common cold and not something more severe.

*Always call your physician if your young baby has a fever (even a low grade one). They’ll tell you what they recommend.

Older than 3 Months

If your baby is older than 3 months of age, there are still times you should be calling your pediatrician. The Mayo Clinic has a great list of symptoms to watch for right here.

*If you are ever concerned, do not be afraid to call your doctor. They’ll let you know what they recommend and if you need to take your child in to be seen or not.

#2 Invest in These Cold Fighting Products Moms Swear By

Now that you know your baby just has a cold, it’s time to help them feel better – and hopefully fast.

These are some of the best cold products to help you survive your baby’s first cold:

1. Nose Frida


I’ll admit, I was skeptical. Every new mom thinks the Nose Frida is the grossest, but every seasoned mom knows how amazing it works. This must have product for your baby’s cold really does work wonders and is so much easier and quicker than a bulb syringe. 

Pros: it’s easy to clean, easy to use, and effective. It’s rated 4.6/5 stars, with almost 8,000 reviews.  

Cons: your baby probably won’t like it (but let’s be honest, what kid likes someone pulling the boogers out of their nose)

2. Humidifier


A humidifier in your baby’s room can help moisten the air and make it so much easier for your little one to breathe. 

Pros: it automatically shuts off, is easy to clean, and is quiet. It also has a rating of 4/5 stars with over 12,000 reviews!

Cons: the light on the button prevents baby’s room from being completely dark

3. Thermometer


A thermometer is a must have for new parents (maybe I should say for ALL parents).

Make sure to find a reliable brand that you know you can trust and know how to use accurately.

It’s also important to remember that there are several ways to take baby’s temperature, such as:

  • rectally
  • under the armpit
  • a forehead scan
  • in the ear

Taking baby’s temperature rectally will be the most accurate, but may be a little bit uncomfortable for your baby.

Even as a nurse, I rarely do a rectal temp on my kids, because I feel another way is much more comfortable for them and definitely accurate enough.

As far as my favorite thermometer?

I’m a tried and true fan of the Braun Thermoscan for use by the whole family, but if you’re looking for something that does ear AND forehead temperatures – this is the thermometer I’d look at.

4. Tylenol


If your baby has a fever and is really irritable and uncomfortable, Tylenol can help bring the fever down and make your baby more comfortable.

Make sure you are buying infant Tylenol and that you are giving the right dose.

If you have two choices of dosing (either weight or age), always go with your baby’s weight. This will be more accurate! 

Before giving your baby any medication, it’s a good idea to check with your physician on dosing.

Here’s a handy link to to a Tylenol Dosing Chart from St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

5. Baby Bath Bomb


Some moms swear that these baby bath bombs really helped open up their baby’s airway and make it easier for them to breathe.

Other moms however, say that some of the bath bombs weren’t potent enough and didn’t feel they did anything.

However, if my baby was really congested, I’d probably be willing to give these a try!

Another option is to run a steamy shower and just be in the bathroom with your baby. The steam will work similarly to the humidifier.

6. Breathe Easy Rub


If your baby is over the age of 3 months, The Honest Company has this Breathe Easy Rub you can gently massage onto your baby’s chest, neck, and back.

It’s organic, hypoallergenic, and many moms claim it works wonders at clearing stuffy noses.

Rating: 4.4/5 stars

7. Boogie Wipes


Boogie Wipes may sound gross, but once you hear all they can do, you’ll be wondering how soon you can get yours (pssst it could be tomorrow with Amazon Prime).

Boogie Wipes have natural saline in them to help loosen your baby’s boogers, while also preventing the poor sore little nose they get from constantly wiping with a regular tissue.

Rating: 4.8/5 stars (700+ reviews)

8. Saline Spray


Are your baby’s boogers stuck. Like really stuck I mean? Moms love using this saline spray to help loosen up the gunk in their baby’s nose.

Pros: can be used as a dropper or a spray and is safe for newborns

Cons: a few moms have noted that they wish the drops came out just a little bit slower

9. Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment


If your baby is fighting a cold, chances are good she might have chapped or dry cheeks as well. This baby lotion is hands down one of the best for little ones.

Rating: 4.7/5 stars

#3 Cuddle & Snuggle (And Breastfeed!)

To make sure your baby has plenty of fluids, nursing is a great option.

Not only does it give your baby the fluids he needs, but it also gives your little one lots of natural snuggles and comfort when he’s not feeling well.

If you’re not breastfeeding, this is still the perfect time to soak up all the extra snuggles you can with your baby.

He or she may even sleep better slightly elevated in your arms during a nap.

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What To Do When Your Baby Gets Her First Cold

Now that you know the tips and tricks that moms swear by for surviving your baby’s first cold, it’s time to run to Target or Amazon Prime and pick up those cold fighting goodies.

Let’s face it, the cuddles are good, but you all want this cold to be over as fast as it seemed to hit.

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