2020 Prime Day Deals for Mom & Baby

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Amazon Prime Day Deals for Mom & Baby

Have you heard of Amazon Prime Day yet? It’s a huge sale at Amazon that happens once a year, where they set tons of products at great prices.

I’ve found some great mom and baby products that are on sale this year and I’ll be adding some of the best deals right here for you to check out!

But first, here’s what you should know about Amazon Prime Day before you get shopping:

  • You must be a Prime member to get the deals (but a 30 day free trial still qualifies – sign up for yours here!)
  • Prime Day 2020 is going to be October 13 & 14 – you read that right. TWO days of sales!
  • Select “Watch Deal” for any of the items you’re interested in to help keep track of your favorites!
  • Different products go on sale at different times, and some sell out fast! Depending on the product, you might have to be on your toes (or just have lucky timing!)
  • It can be addicting – consider yourself warned πŸ˜‰

Amazon Launches:

This year Amazon is hosting a special “launch” of certain products. These are labeled as “New products, just for Prime members, for a limited time”. These are my top picks in the baby category:

You can check out all the Prime Member Deals right here.

Okay, here we go! All the best Amazon Prime Day deals for moms and babies!


Note: While Amazon doesn’t release all it’s deals early, I’ll be sure to share the ones I do know a few days in advance! As they continue to become available, I’ll be sure to update this list throughout the day! Don’t forget that items don’t go on sale until set times! If you have some items you have your eye one, here’s a tip: add them to your cart NOW so you can quickly get them when they go on sale!

HOT DEAL ALERT: I’ll also add the fire emoji (πŸ”₯) when something is a hot deal! Not that the others aren’t also awesome, but these are the ones you NEED to be checking out.

Now that you know the code, let’s check out some of Amazon Prime Day’s Best Deals for Baby and Mom!

These items are on sale during Prime Day on Tuesday, 10/13/20 and Tuesday 10/14/20 at the times listed:






Other Fun Prime Day Deals

Don’t forget that you have to be a Prime member to have access to these deals. I used the 30 day free trial and couldn’t give up the free 2 day shipping after it was over, so I became a member (but if you can, you’re far more patient than me!).

Bonus Prime Membership Sign Up Tip:

I’ll continue to add to this list as I find great deals on products that I think you’ll love! Happy shopping!

P.S. Did you score something amazing that you just have to share? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

best prime day deals for mom and baby

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