FREE All About My Dad – Father’s Day Interview Printable

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Father’s Day Interview for Kids

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the dad in your life? 

This super sweet dad questionnaire will hit him right in the feels and your kids’ funny answers will leave him smiling all day. 

And it’s FREE?

Yep, 3 totally free dad printables to choose from to help give him the best Father’s Day.

This Father’s Day All About My Dad Printable is hands down, one of the easiest, BEST, and most well loved ideas ever.

Just something to add that perfect touch of sweetness and make Dad’s heart grow three sizes.

Print your free Father’s Day interview questions by entering your email below and then ask your little ones all about Dad! ❤️ 

What Makes a Dad Interview So Great?

Are you thinking that there’s no way dad wants to read someone else answer questions about him?

Time to think again!

This a great activity for both little kids and big kids and makes a fun gift for dads or grandpas. 

It’s Heartfelt and Fun

All About My Dad Questions are a super fun way to connect with your kids AND are a great way to give a heartfelt meaningful gift.

Dads will LOVE to hear how their little kids (and even older children!) answered simple questions in their own words about them.

Kids can say the funniest things and having their answers to this fun father’s day questionnaire will bring a smile to the whole family.

​A Keepsake for Future Years

So besides being fun, why else should you give this fun father’s day gift to dad? 

Because it makes an awesome keepsake that you can build on year after year. 

Whether dad keeps them in his bedside table, puts it on his desk at work in a picture frame, or he makes a printable book – these all about dad interview questions will easily be one of dad’s favorite things.

​Low Cost

In addition, a dad interview just simply takes your time. 

Remember, it’s a free printable questionnaire that you can use for dad’s birthday or father’s day and can mean a whole lot to him. 

Easy to “Spruce Up”

If you’re wanting to do more than just the printed off piece of paper, feel free to try these fun alternatives/additions: 

  • Frame it
  • Print it using cardstock
  • Add a picture of their dad (printed or hand drawn :))
  • Video your child answering the questions (don’t forget to upload your video to the cloud to save it!)
  • Add another gift to it and use it as the card

What Questions are in an All About Dad Questionnaire?

All About Dad printables are filled with simple and fun questions all about your dad.

You might see some variations of the following questions:

  • What’s dad’s name?
  • How old is your dad?
  • What’s dad’s job?
  • What’s dad’s favorite color?
  • What’s dad’s favorite food?
  • What does dad say all the time?
  • What do you love about your dad?
  • What do you and your dad do together?

How to Complete the Dad Questionnaire

So how do you complete the All About My Dad free printables?


First, load up your printer with paper (I recommend white cardstock for the best results).

Then download your printable page at the bottom of this post and click print on your favorite one.

Next have your kids fill out the Father’s Day All About Dad worksheet.

You’ll find these can be so much fun and give your child a great opportunity to show their funny thoughts and ideas about their dad (or father figure/grandpa) on this special day.

Older kids will be able to do this by themselves, but younger children can also participate with a little help.

Just have mom or another adult ask the younger kids questions and write down their sweet answers.

Don’t forget to have them sign their own name at the bottom and add a picture of their dad to the back of the paper for an extra special touch.

Dad Interview – Printable Designs

These All About Dad printables come in several different designs and styles to fit your dad’s likes and interests (and your printer ink level ;)).

Just click the digital download for the printable pdfs at the bottom of this page, choose one of the different options you’d like to print (or print them all) and you’re all set!

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The last option is a great way to use a classic black and white (and is a more ink friendly version!).

all about my dad interview questionnaire - black and white versionPin

What to Add to My All About Dad Printable Gift?

If you’re wanting to add more to your All About Dad Questions, consider trying one of these as a great addition:

  • Frame it! Grab a frame and take your printable up a notch
  • Use your printable as a card to go with another Father’s Day Gift He’ll Love
  • Color a picture to go with the dad questions printable and make it a fun keepsake
  • Make one of these fun cards for dad to go with it

Fillable All About Dad Printable (Virtual Card for Dad)

Don’t have access to a printer?

Even if you don’t have a printer, you can STILL give the dad in your life this great gift.

Consider heading to the library to use the printer or complete this fun father’s day questionnaire virtually.

Do it virtually with this all about dad fillable pdf.

Just click the link from a mobile device or your desktop, click download, and click into the boxes to enter your child’s responses.

Be sure to save your document and send or email it to dad!

Grandpa Printables

Grandpas are super special people too, and might be honored on Father’s Day as well!

Because we love grandpas too, here’s an All About My Grandpa Printable you can create for him. Trust us, he’s bound to get a good laugh and love this extra special gift.

Here’s the Grandpa version:

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Father’s Day Interview Questions

Whether you’ve been planning these father’s day ideas all year, or you’re looking for a last minute father’s day gift, I hope you can make dad’s day with these free Father’s Day interview questions.

While this post is all about dads, you can find the Mother’s Day Questionnaire right over here 😉

Just a friendly reminder that you can print several of these and have them available for classroom use or your own personal use. However, they are not for resale.

Happy Father’s Day!

Print your fathers day kid questions by entering your email address below, getting the digital files, clicking the download links, and ask your little ones a lot of fun questions all about Dad! ❤️

P.S. These are the cutest keepsake to look back on, so print a few for years to come – or check back again next year for more of the Free Father’s Day Questionnaire!

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