2024 Cool Gifts for Expecting Dads (or New Dads!)

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The Best Gift Ideas to Give Expecting Dads or New Dads (Psst These Are Also Great Father’s Day Ideas!)

Father’s Day is coming up soon and these gifts for expecting dads are not only fun, but practical gifts that dad will actually want for Father’s Day.

I love giving my husband a fun gift that I know he’ll love, but sometimes I totally get stuck.

That’s why I researched and created this easy gift guide for the expecting dad in your life!

Whether you’re on the hunt for…

  • the best father’s day gift
  • a new father gift
  • or maybe even a joint baby shower gifts

…this list is a great way to find quality dad gifts that he’s going to really like.

By the way – this new dad gift list is even husband/dad approved! (I asked my husband to look it over and for his advice as I went – so you know it’s the real deal. 😉)

If you’re looking for great gifts for expecting/new mom – check out the ultimate guide of 13 things I wish I had with my first baby!

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He's going to need that coffee, trust us.

New parents are running on very little sleep and giving first time dads a boost with their favorite coffee is a great gift idea.

Gift the new dad in your life a coffee delivery subscription that comes monthly and choose things like: roast preference, coffee prep, and your own coffee plan.

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Cool Gifts for Expecting Dads/New Dads

1. Dad T-Shirt


There’s nothing like a good “dad” t-shirt to give as father’s day gifts. From a cute papa bear shirt (psst this could double as a great Halloween costume for your family) to a funny dad t-shirt, you’ll be sure to find something that your husband will want.

2. Carrying Pack/Baby Carrier


Carrying babies can be hard work (especially as they get bigger!). First-time dads will love a carrying pack or baby carrier to easily tote their little one around and show him or her off.

As a bonus?

He’ll look good toting your newborn baby, while having his hands free to do whatever manly thing he’s got on his agenda.

3. Onesie for Baby


A baby onesie is small, adorable, and can make the perfect father’s day gift.

This idea came straight from my hubby’s mouth.

Consider things your husband loves or thinks are funny. Whether you choose a jersey of his favorite sports team, or a funny gift that has a humorous one liner from Etsy – this one is sure to make an expecting dad’s Father’s Day complete.

4. Frida Balls


Have you heard of Frida Balls yet? These boxer shorts are just way too funny to not include.

Whether it’s a funny Father’s Day present for expectant dads or a gift for the dad who’s just been run into one too many times by his toddler – every dad will add these to his list of “useful gifts”.

5. Dad Books

I LOVE this idea. And so did my husband.

There are so many books out there for babies and toddlers that are all about “mommy and me”, that we started to change some of the words to “dad” because we felt like “dad” was never mentioned!

While these mommy books warm my heart, it’s time daddy got a little credit for all his love towards our little ones. These dad books are perfect gifts for expecting dads!

Here are a few of our favorite books:

  1. Me & My Dad – a super sweet read for dads and their babies
  2. Papasaurus – (pssst – you can get matching daddy and baby shirts that go with this book – and they are waaaay too cute to pass up – check them out here!)
  3. Daddy and Me – our baby loves these lift the flap books

And A Special Book Just For That Expectant Dad!

Since we’re on the topic of books, here’s a great gift for expecting dads – The Expecting Father book! He can get all caught up on the ins and outs of being a dad before your little one arrives.


6. Dad Jokes Book


Another great option for an expectant dad gift is this goofy dad jokes book. Dad Jokes has pulled all the best funny dad lines into one place and will keep your husband laughing at the “dad humor” involved.

I feel like this one is a keeper for expecting dads all the way through when your baby is a teenager and can roll their eyes and shake their head at you. Can’t you just picture it perfectly?

7. Coffee Mug/Tumbler


Getting your husband a travel mug or tumbler is a great idea before baby’s arrival.

Chances are his sleep just won’t be what it used to be once baby arrives and he might be loading up on coffee.

From cute dad mugs to simply a coffee mug with his favorite sports team on it – this is a fun gift for expectant dads. Pair it with his favorite coffee or a gift card and you’ll be set!

8. Camera

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If your husband is techy, consider getting him a new camera or phone with a great camera to capture all those precious moments on.

Trust me, when the expectant dad in your life meets his little one for the first time, he won’t be able to resist taking those pictures and showing off his sweet baby to friends, family members, and maybe even social media.

9. Dad Crate?

Man Crates are popping up and are totally a fun gift idea for expecting dads.

The variety of fun and practical products makes this New Dad Essentials Crate the perfect present if you’re looking for something a little bigger to get an expectant dad for Father’s Day.

They even come with a crowbar for opening the crate (you know how dads can be with powerful tools ;))! This is something you at least need to check out for yourself!

10. Coffee Subscription Plan


All dads are tired, but NEW dads? Gift the new dad in your life a coffee delivery subscription that comes monthly so he can wake up bright and early with his new baby!

New parents are running on very little sleep and giving first time dads a boost with their favorite coffee is a great gift idea.

11. Help Him Never Lose His Keys Again


Remember how we said new dads are tired – this little tile will help him never lose his keys or other important gadgets again. Even when he’s so tired he can’t remember where he’s going anyway… 😉

12. The Dad Diaper Bag


Diaper bags certainly don’t have to be girly and over the top. This diaper bag backpack for dad is perfect for the guy who’d love to carry around a baby bag that’s a little more discrete. This diaper bag backpack has insulated pockets and a built in USB charging port.

13. Home Security System


Now that the expecting dad in your life is about to have a little baby, his paternal instincts are about to spike. Help him keep his family and safe protected (and even just watch for packages to arrive!) with the help of an easy to set up home security system that connects to your phone like this one.

14. A Meat Subscription

My husband would be ALL over this one. Shopping takes a back burner when you have a new baby around, but the dad in your life doesn’t have to miss out. Get him a meat subscription where he’ll get a variety of cuts delivered to his home monthly!

15. Meat Bouquet


If we’re talking about awesome gifts for a new daddy (or really, ANY dad), this meat bouquet is super fun. Manly Man Co. recently gifted one of these super fun Manly Man Father’s Day bouquets to us and to say my husband was excited would be an understatement. He loved the fun twist on a flower bouquet and felt it spoke right to his heart and his love of meat, and us of course 😉

16. The Dad Hoodie

The Dad HoodiePin

The Dad Hoodie – a totally fun (yet practical) gift for the new dad in your life. From being prepared for diaper changes to packing the paci for a crying baby this is great gift for his first father’s day. We were sent one of these hoodies and my husband was SO excited. As a dad of two, with baby #3 on the way, he was thrilled with all the pockets to use now and even after the kids are bigger. Whether he’s on diaper duty or ready to play with the kiddos, this twist on a traditional comfy hoodie makes for a great gift for a new or expecting dad.

17. Homemade/Sweet Card

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If you’re planning for a thoughtful gift, a sweet homemade card is the perfect gift for expecting dads.

Whether you choose to write the note and card from the baby who “can’t wait to meet him” or from a new mom telling him how excited she is to start this journey with him – you can’t go wrong.

Great Gifts for Expecting Dads

New dad gift ideas can range greatly depending on what the newly expectant dad in your life loves.

Don’t forget that these gifts can come from a child, a newborn baby, an unborn baby, a friend, family, or even from expectant moms.

His new role as a new daddy is the most wonderful gift – but these others are extra fun and make for an awesome present that he’s probably not expecting.

Here’s a wrap up of some of the gift ideas covered:

  • Comical gifts: funny dad shirts, mugs, frida balls, and dad jokes
  • Practical gift ideas: the best books for a first-time father, baby book, set of diapers, baby carriers and packs, and all the coffee he had can handle for the sleep deprivation
  • Special gift: coffee membership,

Do you have other great gift ideas for expecting dads for Father’s Day? I’d love to hear them below!

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  1. Nice ideas! My husband used to be a Lego fan. When he saw the other day my brother play with the Lego with my niece, he got all excited that one day he could play with the Lego again too, so I’ll give him a Lego set. 🙂

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