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13 Things I Wish I Had With My 1st Pregnancy (On my Wish List for Baby #2!)

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you click a link and purchase something. Please check out my disclosure policy for more details. All opinions are my own!

Now that I’m pregnant with my second baby, I’ve been dreaming of fun things I wish I had with my first baby! These pregnancy and baby products are in no way necessary, and we got along just fine without them for baby #1.

That being said, a mom can dream about fun new products right?

By the way, I’ve also recently updated this post with a few products I did get – so you might see a little “Update” after a few of the products!

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Here’s what I wish I had with my first pregnancy, and what’s on my wish list for baby #2!

For Baby:


Why do I want a DockATot? I’ll be honest, we don’t co-sleep (with the exception of the wee hours of the morning when baby will only go back to sleep with some cuddles and a quick nursing session). But I just LOVE the idea of a DockATot and seem to be a little obsessed with giving it a try.

The idea of traveling with baby and having him/her have a consistent sleeping space is enticing.

As a mom, I have to tell you that these are EXPENSIVE.

That being said, a lot of moms I know love the DockATot and let’s face it – some of us are willing to try anything when it comes to helping our babies sleep!

A cheaper alternative to the DockATot is the Snuggle Me Organic – and it still has great reviews (some claim even better than the DockaTot)! You could also make your own “baby nest” with the tutorial here.

*Keep in mind that cosleeping is not recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. If you choose to still cosleep with your baby – DockATot offers a few extra precautions to help increase safety.

Do you have a dock a tot? Tell me why you can’t live with it or could have done without!

Rock N Play

We never had a Rock N Play with our first, but I know so many moms who swear by them. One of the most enticing things about a rock n play to me comes from a mom who said it helped with her son’s acid reflux. Our first had terrible acid reflux and had have medication. If baby #2 follows suit, a Rock N Play could be a great perk!

Update: Rock n Plays have since been recalled and you should NOT use them for baby sleep. Here’s the Consumer Reports article about it if you want to read more!

Moby Wrap/Ergo/Boba Baby Wrap

With baby #1 we were all about affordable and practical. While I still love our Infantino 4-in-1 and highly recommend it (the price is impossible to beat! – I wrote all about it here), this time I want something a little more snugly and sleek.

I’m envisioning myself shopping and going to church with our new little bundle all cozy next to me. That being said the Boba, Moby, or Ergo wrap are definitely on my list.

Both tend to be pretty similar in price but I’ve been reading reviews that are having me lean towards the Boba lately. Do you have a favorite? Let me know before I make my purchase! 

Update: I got my baby wrap! Check out my post here for the baby wrap I use now to keep my little one snug and cozy.

Muslin Blankets

We had swaddle blankets that made swaddling our baby a breeze. Unfortunately, he absolutely HATED to be swaddled.

Thinking I have some control of baby #2, I am determined to have a baby that likes to be swaddled (and hopefully falls right to sleep!).

I’ve heard such good things about muslin blankets and would love to have a few in our nursery for baby #2. They’re soft, light, airy, and huge. Making them great for swaddling and keeping baby comfortable.

White Noise Machine

We looked into a white noise machine for our baby, but never really found one we loved.

We ended up using our Kindle Fire and a free app to provide white noise (which he still has in his bedroom today!).

To be honest, I’d love to actually use that Kindle Fire for something other than a glorified expensive white noise machine. That means a white noise machine that’s easily mobile and plays ALL night long is on my list – like this one!

Update: I got this exact one on sale on Amazon (so I bought two!). We’ve been using them for both children and LOVE how portable and inexpensive they are.


Swoon. Every nurse momma’s dream. The Owlet is a baby heart rate and oxygen monitor. The little sock goes on your newborn and then technology does it’s fabulous thing. You download the app to your phone and it alerts you when your baby’s stats stray from what they should be.

I know moms who have this and have loved the results! SIDS is incredibly scary for parents and I think we’d all do just about anything to prevent it in anyway we can. For the peace of mind, I’d love to have one of these for baby #2.

Again, this is an expensive piece of technology. For a cheaper alternative (almost 1/3 of the price!) you could also look in to the Snuza or a Refurbished Owlet (about $100 cheaper).

For Momma:

Bloom Life

Remember how I said unnecessary? But still cool?

Bloom Life monitors your contractions during the third trimester helping you learn more about your body and your contractions. I remember googling several times, “what does a contraction feel like” and “what do braxton hicks feel like”.

And here’s the thing. As a nurse who worked in labor and delivery, I had no idea how to explain it until I finally felt it!

It’s like finally figuring out your baby is kicking. You think that might be it, but you don’t really know, until suddenly YOU KNOW that was a kick.

Bloom Life is a product you rent for $20/week for as long or as short of a time period as you’d like.

Pretty Robe for Delivery

I had a nice cozy robe for my first labor and delivery experience. And it. Was. Great. I wore it almost constantly.

That being said, this time around I’m hoping for a comfy floral girly robe.

Like those beautiful ones you see on Instagram and Pinterest. (Pssst, PinkBlush has some great ones!)

Why you might ask?

Just because.

After labor and delivery sometimes it feels good to feel like yourself and to feel a little extra pretty after all that hard work.

Update: I got this one for Christmas and love it! I got so many compliments from the labor and delivery nurses and even my hospital visitors.

Soothies Gel Pads for Breastfeeding & Sore Nipples

These gel pads were amazing.

I was lucky enough to have an amazing lactation consultant that introduced me to them when I started breastfeeding in the hospital.

They provide so much soothing and relief to sore nipples, especially as your body is getting use to breastfeeding (don’t worry, breastfeeding really doesn’t have to hurt!).

I’m not sure I’ll be so lucky this time around, so I’ll be sure to buy a couple just in case and throw them in my hospital bag. The best part? They’re SO soothing and reusable for several times.

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag

I just want a new diaper bag, okay?

Once we find out the gender of baby #2, I might jump in and make a new investment! I love our current one, it’s held up so well and done the job.

But this time I want something a little more neutral. I’ve had my eye on the leather ones from Freshly Picked, but am open to other favorites! A must have for us is a changing pad that’s included and lots of space.

Pssst….if you haven’t checked out Freshly Picked moccs and oxfords you’ll be sucked in – these were one of my favorite shoes for my son as he learned to walk!

Nursing Cover

For our first baby, I made my own nursing cover.

While it worked well, it was a little big in some spots and not quite as perfect as a store bought one (however, it was super easy to make and I recommend it if you’re hoping to stay on a budget!).

This time around, I’d really love a nursing cover that doubles as a car seat cover, making it easy to know it’s always with you.

This one works as a nursing cover, car seat cover, shopping cart cover, high chair cover, or snuggle blanket!

Update: I got this multi-functional nursing cover this time and LOVE it. Super soft, so much easier to use than my previous one, and totally adorable.

For Pregnancy:

Pregnancy Pillow

If you’ve been pregnant before or are currently pregnant, you know that sleeping isn’t exactly one of the joys of pregnancy.

It can be hard to get comfortable, especially if you’re an avid tummy sleeper like me (I know…shame on me!).

During my last pregnancy I eventually ended up with several extra pillows in my bed to finally get comfortable. And while it worked fine, I would have loved to have used a big pregnancy pillow to easy my aches and pains.


Wedge for Acid Reflux

I’m going to be honest – I didn’t know this existed until today!

Actually, I just didn’t even think of it for acid reflux until today. With my first pregnancy, I started to get bad acid reflux during my second trimester.

(I’m talking carry a bottle of Tums in my purse, in my car, and next to my bed bad.)

So this invention seems GENIUS!

Getting a wedge for sleeping will help elevate the top half of your body helping to reduce acid from coming up. So helpful!

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Favorite Pregnancy Products

Do you have other favorite pregnancy and new baby products you think “I wish I had that with my first pregnancy” or are hoping to get for your new baby? I’d love to hear your must have pregnancy and baby products!

If you’re loving any of these products – make sure you easily add them to your Amazon Baby Registry!


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