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Before I start this post, I want to be very clear – I am in no way affiliated with Beach Body. I don’t sell it, I’m not a coach, I didn’t buy our product from someone who sells it, and I don’t get anything from Beach Body for recommending it to you. That being said, I STILL feel like I need to tell you about it!

I worked out all throughout my pregnancy and was itching at the chance to get back at it after having O. As soon as I was doctor approved, we tried to get back to our regular routine. I’ll be the first to admit, it was not easy. We had a baby with no set nap schedule and we never knew when he was going to wake up. I’d start a workout and 10 minutes in I’d find myself quitting to go hold a now awake little O.

We finally joined our local YMCA where they offered childcare so we could workout and feel guilt free. O was happily taken care of while we were able to workout. However, once fall started and I went back to work I didn’t feel I had the time to commit to a membership. To be honest, I didn’t WANT to commit the time to a membership. It would mean either getting up extremely early (before the baby) or missing out on time with him after I was done with work.

Luckily, we found our answer back in the original Beach Body DVD’s we had tried when O was first born. Except now, they’re perfect for us! We workout as soon as O goes to sleep at night and we’re done by 8. No {extra} early mornings for us sleep lovers.

If you’re interested in a quick workout that gives you great results here’s the quick details:

  1. No leaving home required – save time by staying home and let your baby be home sleeping
  2. No missing out on time with your baby – if your baby is sleeping or napping, why not get a quick workout in?
  3. 25-30 minutes and you’re done. FOR THE WHOLE DAY.
  4. Work out your whole body. You know that soreness you feel after a good workout? Yeah, I promise you’ll feel it with these.

My two favorite workouts are FOCUS T25 and INSANITY MAX:30. Both are high intensity, great workouts that will push you, but are also quick. Both workouts include modifiers, require little to no equipment, and can be done at home.

As a side note, I also did these workouts while pregnant (modified) and believe it’s part of what helped me have such an easy healthy pregnancy!

Results? I know you’re curious. Since starting about a month ago, I’ve lost a few pounds, gained more muscle, and lost inches (I didn’t measure before, so I can’t tell you how many). The real result, however, is that I feel so good! I feel stronger and healthier already. Your results will also vary depending how often you do the workouts and if you follow the meal plan. Lately we’ve been doing INSANITY MAX:30 4-5 times a week and do not follow the meal plan or drink shakeology. We attempt to eat healthy, but also are strong believers that everything in moderation is okay. We are also not trying to lose weight, our goal is to be healthy and maintain an active lifestyle.

If at all possible, I also recommend working out with someone. I’m sure you’ve all heard this a million times, but it’s true. I absolutely love working out with my husband. It’s time we get to spend together doing something we enjoy, we hold each other accountable on days that we’re tired, and it’s great to have the immediate motivation and encouragement.

To be a fit momma, try to find the program that works for you. Whether it’s T-25, Insanity Max30, going to a yoga/pilates class at your local gym, or going for a walk/run with friends – just do something to help take control of your health! If you like what you’re doing, you’re so much more likely to stick with it.



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