MomCozy Vs MomMed: Which Wearable Pump is Best?

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Wearable breast pumps are all the rage in the breastfeeding and pumping world lately – and for good reason! 

You’re suddenly able to experience so much more freedom with a hands-free pump than ever before. 

So which wearable pump is actually best? 

Let’s dive into the world of hands-free breast pumps and explore the battle of MomCozy vs. MomMed Breast Pump. 

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MomCozy Breast Pumps

Let’s start by talking about MomCozy – specifically the MomCozy S12 Pro (full review here).

This wearable breast pump has been making waves in the market, and for good reason. 

With its hands-free design and comfortable fit, it allows you to pump on the go without feeling tied down. 

No more awkwardly maneuvering your pumping bra or nursing bra to fit those flanges!

One of the standout features of MomCozy is its expression mode, which mimics a baby’s natural nursing pattern, promoting better milk flow. 

It’s like having a lactation consultant right by your side, guiding you through the pumping process. 

Plus, the adjustable suction levels ensure you find the perfect setting for your comfort.

MomMed Breast Pumps

On the other side of the table, MomMed Breast Pumps haven’t been quiet and have some really great options as well. 

Specially the MomMed S21 that’s rocked TikTok and has its own set of impressive features. 

It offers multiple modes to find the right pumping pattern and suction level, and its massage mode provides a gentle stimulation that can help increase milk supply and promote a comfortable pumping experience.

MomCozy Vs. MomMed Breast Pump Comparison 

Ready for the BIG comparison of the MomCozy vs MomMed wearable breast pumps: 


Keep reading on for more details on each feature comparison. 

Battery Life & Portability 

When it comes to portability, MomCozy takes the lead. 

The MomCozy S12 Pro and MomMed pumps are all portable and have a great easy to use rechargeable battery, but MomCozy wins with its longer battery life. This means you can pump for a longer time without worrying about finding an outlet.

That’s a big win for moms on the move!

Noise Levels

For moms who are concerned about noise levels, both MomCozy and MomMed boast quiet motors, allowing you to pump discreetly even in public places. 

As I mentioned in my honest review of the MomMed S21 and MomCozy pump review, neither pump is silent. 

You can definitely still hear SOMETHING, but it isn’t terribly noisy and is better than many of the older pumps on the market.

This is particularly helpful for those moments when you need to pump on the go or in the office. 

Insurance Coverage & Cost

Now, let’s talk about insurance coverage and cost of these wearable breast pumps. 

Many insurance companies provide coverage for breast pumps, but it’s always a good idea to check with your specific provider. 

You can call your insurance company yourself and ask them your questions (try to get specific and documented answers!) or use Aeroflow and let them do the calling for you (I used them with my second baby and it worked well!).

That said, if your insurance does NOT offer to cover the MomMed or MomCozy breast pump, both breast pump companies offer affordable options, making them accessible choices for new parents.

Check out the current prices on Amazon below:


When it comes to the design and build, MomCozy and MomMed have taken things up a notch. 

They both feature an ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable pumping experience. 

I absolutely loved how easily they fit into my bra and I could quickly change the settings as I need to. 

The LCD display on both pumps allows you to easily navigate through different modes and adjust the suction strength settings according to your preferences.

Overall, in my opinion, MomMed is the design winner. 

The pump is built right into the round part of the cup that fits into your bra, making it look seamless and more discrete – something many of us busy moms are looking for with wearable pumps.

While I liked the LCD display better on the MomCozy S12 Pro, the motor attached to the top of the cup definitely creates more bulk than its competitor. 

Maintenance & Durability 

Let’s not forget about maintenance and durability. 

I was VERY pleasantly surprised with the durability and maintenance of both pumps. 

The parts feel well made and sturdy, AND they both include one set of replacement parts when you buy the pump. 

In addition, both pumps feature a closed system, which prevents milk from entering the tubing and pump motor, making cleaning a breeze.

Cleaning the Pumps

I absolutely HATE cleaning breast pump parts. 

It is hands down the worst part of pumping in my opinion (somebody invent something quick so I never have to do it again!). 

This means that the best breast pump to me, can’t have too many parts to wash and needs to be easy. 

That said, each pump setup has 5 parts for the MomCozy, and 4 parts for the MomMed. 

Honestly, this isn’t a big enough difference to me to sway me one way or the other – but is definitely something for you to keep in mind.

Milk Collection Cups

When it comes to milk collection, both MomCozy and MomMed come with handy collection cups, making it easy to store your liquid gold for later use.

​Both pumps have a great pouring spout to make transferring your breast milk as easy as possible. 

​As long as I was sure all the pump parts were properly put together, I also never had any leak issues with either pump.

The MomCozy collection cups are designed with a breast milk capacity of 6 oz, although, you are recommended to pump within 4 oz. 

The MomMed collection cups also have a capacity of 6 oz. 


MomCozy S12 Pro double-sealed flange

The winner of the flange section is a toss up – MomCozy pulls ahead with some new leak proof innovations, but is less size inclusive than the MomMed.

The MomCozy S12 pro pump has a new double sealed flange making you less likely to spill milk, BUT when purchasing the pump it comes as with flange size of 24 mm, while offering additional smaller inserts to buy separately. 

This is great, unless you are larger than a 24 mm flange – in which case, the MomCozy pump might be quite uncomfortable for you.

The MomMed breast pump on the other hand comes as 28 mm with 24 mm inserts. Again, you can buy the inserts separately, but this pump has more flange sizes for moms.

MomMed FlangePin
MomMed S21 28 mm flange + included 24 mm insert

Other Popular Wearable Pumps

Now, let’s not forget about some other big players in the wearable pump game. 

The Willow Pump, Elvie Stride, and Willow Go are also worth noting and can be amazing pumps for new moms as well. 

These pumps are typically more expensive and come with a few more bells and whistles.

While they have their own unique features and advantages, MomCozy and MomMed hold their ground as top contenders at a more affordable price point.

Why A Hands-Free Breast Pump?

As a busy mom of two, with one more on the way, I knew I HAD to change up my pumping game. 

I needed something that was easy to stick in my bra, so I could GO.

Whether it was chasing my big kids, making supper, or unloading backpacks – I needed to be portable and so did my pump. 

When it comes to expressing breast milk, convenience is key. 

As much as we love our little bundles of joy, finding time for a pumping session can be quite the challenge, especially when you’re attached to the wall. 

That’s where hands-free pumps come to the rescue! 

Say goodbye to holding onto those traditional pumps and embrace the freedom of a hands-free experience.

Trust me, it’s SO good.

Should A Wireless Pump Be Your Primary Pump?

While wearable hands free pumps are incredible, many experts argue that they shouldn’t be your only pump. 

​So is this true? 

Well, just like we mentioned above, it’s going to be depend on the person. 

For some pumping moms, breast milk can get left behind when using a wireless breast pump, which can lead to a drop in supply since the demand is no longer there

However, some moms will respond very well to wearable pumps and won’t have this issue. 

You’ll want to do some testing yourself to see how your body responds to a wearable breast pump and be sure you’re not leaving too much milk behind. 

If you do leave some behind, but still seem to respond well, don’t panic. 

Wearable pumps can still be an excellent tool to use occasionally as a busy mom – you just may want to consider using your regular pump, like the Spectra or Baby Buddha (my favorite!) as your primary breast pump. 

Do I NEED A Wearable Breast Pump?

Wearable breast pumps fall into that little category of new mom life I like to call Unnecessary Baby Products That’ll Make Your Life So Much Easier.

They aren’t necessary, and as we discussed above, probably shouldn’t be your ONLY pump, but man. Are they SO nice to have. 

So, no. You definitely don’t NEED a wearable breast pump. 

But if you’re already a mom to other kids, need to pump on the go, or are someone who just can’t sit still to pump for 20 minutes – I highly recommend splurging on yourself and getting a wearable breast pump. 

Pumping is HARD work, and I know that you’re hoping to have a successful breastfeeding/pumping journey – so don’t feel bad investing in yourself with something that’ll make your life easier or better during this time.

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Which Wearable Breast Pump Is Best?

So, which one should you choose? Well, it ultimately depends on your personal needs and preferences. 

MomCozy is a fantastic option for its hands-free design, ease of use, and convenient portability. 

MomMed, on the other hand, may be a better choice if you’re looking for sleekness and more size and strength options. 

Remember, finding the best wearable breast pump is a journey that many new moms have to embark on. 

And unfortunately, just because one breast pump works great for some lady on the internet, doesn’t always mean it will work great for you (although I hope it does!). 

You are unique, and so are your breastfeeding and pumping needs. 

Take your time, read reviews, watch TikTok videos, and consult with other moms who have tried different pumps. Trust me, the right breast pump is out there, waiting to support you on your breastfeeding journey.

Whether you choose MomCozy or MomMed, the most important thing is that you find a breast pump that suits your lifestyle and helps you provide the best for your little one. 

Happy pumping!


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