My Honest Review of the MomMed S21 Breast Pump

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Have you been wondering if the MomMed Breast Pump lives up to the hype? 

Well, I recently got the S21 portable electric pumps in the mail and wanted to share my honest opinions on whether they’re worth a buy, how they work, and if they stack up to their competition. 

Let me tell you – finding the best electric breast pumps is no joke. 

Over the last 6 years I’ve used several different breast pumps looking for the best on the market, and I have to admit, while “regular pumps” work well – having a wearable breast pump with NO cords or wires is a game changer.

Keep in mind that some people respond better to certain levels of suction, some need vibration in their pump, and others just need a consistent easy to use pump.

This is my totally honest MomMed S21 review – keep reading for all the details on these handy little pumps.

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What is the MomMed Breast Pump?

MomMed is a brand that sells breast pumps, ovulation and pregnancy test strips, fever patches, and even a baby scale. 

They offer two breast pumps, the S18 and the newer version of MomMed, the popular S21.

The S21 has gained lots of supporters lately and has a lot of positive reviews. 

This review is specifically about the MomMed S21 Double-Electric Pump and how I felt it compared to other pumps.

My Personal Experience With the S21 Breast Pump from MomMed

As a working mom, I’ve learned that I LOVE a good hands free, portable breast pump. 

That said, I find that my body can be a little finicky when it comes to pumps and I need one that has strong suction, a small enough flange size, and can give me consistent results. 

I also HATE washing pump parts with a passion, so I prefer something that easy to clean, without too many pump parts, and something I can use the fridge hack with. 

I also want to preface this review with the fact that I’m a self-proclaimed “just enough-er”. You won’t see me pumping large amounts of milk to feed the town, or even borrow to a friend. 

I don’t have a low milk production supply either, but make JUST enough for my baby each day. 

I breastfeed my baby when I’m home and I pump three times a day while I’m working.

So how did the MomMed S21 stack up?

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Upon opening the box, I loved how sleek and modern the design was. 

The next thing I noticed was the flange size. 

PLEASE KNOW – these come as a 27 mm. I was pleasantly surprised to see they also came with 24 mm inserts, but I needed even smaller than that so I used my own inserts to get the correct flange size

The S21 pumps fit really well into my bra and as a larger chested woman, I feel they’re one of the least obvious portable pumps I’ve tried. 

Which is definitely saying something as most are PRETTY darn obvious. 

If you know, you know.

My Settings

Figuring out the S21 settings was next on my list. There’s three modes: auto, massage, and expression. 

You’d think by now I’d know off the bat what each of those means, but I had to look it up. 

Here’s your key:

  • Automatic Mode: has a little A with a circle around it (pretty similar to the Avengers A if you ask me ;))
  • Massage: heart – this is little quick suctions (letdown mode/massage mode/stimulation mode)
  • Expression: droplets – this is the normal mode/expression mode – slower longer pulls

I loved the different options available, but for me the best results were to use the massage mode for the first couple of minutes and then switch to expression mode on level 6 for the rest of my pumping session.

The LCD screen is nice and slim and built right into the top of the pump. 

​As I mentioned earlier, I absolutely am sold on the ergonomic design – it’s phenomenal in my opinion and easily the best I’ve seen.

So how were my results?

As I mentioned before, I’m ALWAYS a “just enough-er”, so I THOUGHT I pumped for my typical 30 minutes and got my usual 4-5 ounces.

To my surprised, the S21 has an automatic shut off, which I usually love, at 20 minutes. 

I didn’t realize until after that I had pumped for about 10 minutes less than I usually do, and had pumped the same amount of breast milk, which was a big win for me. 

Busy moms need any extra minutes we can have! 

*Update: oddly enough, the next time I used the pump, the auto shut off did NOT shut off after 20 minutes, but instead turned off at 30 minutes. I’m not sure if I somehow changed a setting or what happened?

To be honest, I was not expecting the MomMed S to work as well as my other wearable pump, so I was thrilled by the results.

For the price, the MomMed S21 is great option for mom who don’t want to spend the money on a more expensive pump like the Willow or Elvie breast pump. 

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What I Didn’t Love About the MomMed S21 Pump

While I really liked this pump, ESPECIALLY THE DESIGN (I can’t say that part enough), there were a few things that threw me off:

  • I wish the actual pump came in other sizes than 27 mm; but nice they added the 24 mm flange inserts free with the pump.
  • It’s a little heavier than other wearable pumps
  • It feels like it takes forever to hold the power button to turn it on/off. I thought the battery was dead, but it just took me holding the button longer than expected. You also need to do a deliberate, but short press (push hard, but quick) to change the modes. I might grow to prefer this, but the physical buttons threw me off the first time using the pump.
  • You need to really push the motor on the pump when connecting it. Since it doesn’t snap to let you know it’s connected, make sure it’s secure. Again, not really a problem, just something to be aware of.
  • The manual isn’t super helpful when explaining each mode.
  • Light stays on on the LCD screen (I know this is super nit picky), but I’d love if it the display wasn’t always on.
  • Noise – just a normal pump noise. Nothing crazy quiet or crazy loud.
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Pros and Cons of the MomMed S21 Hands-free Breast Pump

Check out these positives and negatives of the new MomMed S21 Breast Pump:

Pros of the S21

  • Hands free: this pump is wireless and easily portable. As a busy mom of 3, this is hands down my favorite feature
  • Much more discrete: while hardly any pump is discrete for me, this is the best I’ve found and I love that about it
  • Closed system all in-one design: safer and easier to clean
  • Comfort: the silicone flange provides and the 3 different modes (with 12 different adjustable suction levels) will help you find a pumping level you’re comfortable with.
  • Ease of use: There’s no app or other buttons to mess with. 3 easy buttons and a memory function that remembers your settings makes this pump simple and easy to use.
  • Auto shut off after 20 minutes and timer on each pump
  • Ability to use one pump at a time or both makes it easy to feed baby while simultaneously pumping on one side.
  • Milk collector cups have spouts making it super easy to pour breast milk into a reusable container or bottle without any milk leakage
  • Anti-leak design
  • Sleek LCD screen comes as a full-screen design with easy to read battery level
  • Breast Pump Parts: comes with only 4 parts you need to wash per pump
  • Affordable: when it comes to portable breast pumps, this pump is much more affordable for busy moms as opposed to similar big brand portable pumps (Willow or Elvie pump).

Cons of the S21

  • Only comes as 27 mm flange size (comes with 24 mm insert, other sizes are available to purchase separately)
  • Weight: slightly heavier than other wearable pumps
  • Manual: could use an update that’s more comprehensive 

Cost of the MomMed S21 Breast Pump

The cost the MomMed S21 Breast Pump is $119.99 for the set of two pumps (the double).

The price for the single pump (just one sided) is $59.98.

Coupon Code for MomMed S21 Breast Pump

Best Nursing Bra to Wear With MomMed S21 Pump

While using a wearable breast pump, it’s best to wear a tight fitting nursing bra without wires or padding.

Here’s a popular option from Kindred Bravely:

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And another great option for those on a budget from Amazon:

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Should You Buy The MomMed S21 Breast Pump

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced wearable breast pump, then I would say, yes! The MomMed S21 Breast Pump is a good buy for most pumping moms.

Its hands-free design and affordable price make this a great choice for moms looking for flexibility while pumping. 

Where to Buy The MomMed S21 Pump

You can buy the MomMed wearable breast pump on Amazon or on the MomMed website.

Coupon Codes for the MomMed Pump:

Get 10% off your pump with the following special codes:

Shop Amazon and use code: JENAMZ10,

Shop the MomMed website and use code: JENMMD10
*The MomMed website offers a 10% discount on all breast pumps, including the S21 (all colors) and the S18 model. Additionally, the code can be combined with the website’s direct discount, resulting in a total discount of up to $20 off.

MomMed S21 Breast Pump Tips

When using the S21 pump, here’s some pumping tips that can help you have the most success:

  • Check that you’re using the correct breast shields. You may have to try different sizes to find what works best, or use a measuring tool.
  • Lean forward when removing the pumps to not spill any milk, these WILL leak if you bend all the way over (opening at the top)
  • Pump for a few extra minutes longer than you would with a traditional breast pump until you see how your body reacts. Not all pumps work the same for each person. You don’t want your milk supply to drop due to using the wrong pump.
  • Check your pump parts regularly for wear and tear and replace your pump parts as needed.
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MomMed S21 Breast Pump Settings

The MomMed S21 Breast Pump has 3 pumping modes and 12 levels of intensity.

The modes are:

  • Auto Mode: has a little A with a circle around it (pretty similar to the Avengers A if you ask me ;))
  • Massage Mode: heart image – quick suctions (letdown mode/massage mode/stimulation mode)
  • Expression Mode: droplets image – slower longer pulls/normal mode/expression mode 

If you’ve never used a breast pump before it can feel overwhelming to know which settings to use.

The massage mode is supposed to mimic your baby just starting to breastfeed and is usually used to help illicit your letdown.

The expression mode is typically used after you’ve had a letdown to keep removing breast milk.

Depending on the person, you might feel that you pump more effectively using just stimulation, expression, or a combination of both modes.

Don’t be afraid to try out a variety of modes and levels of intensity to see what works the best for you.

Where to start? 

  • Try stimulation mode until you have a letdown
  • Then switch to the expression mode.
  • Once you’ve stopped removing milk, try the stimulation mode and repeat

How the S21 Pump Compares to Other Pumps

The MomMed S21 has gotten rave reviews on on social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. 

However, many moms want to know if these are REAL reviews, or just influencers getting paid. 

So how does the S21 double electric wearable pump actually compare to other breast pumps out here?

Well, it depends what you want to compare it to. 

Compared to more expensive wearable pumps on the market, the S21 is missing a few innovative features:

  • An app to control the pump/determine how much milk was pumped
  • Pumping right into bags
  • Being fully leak-proof (think bending over and doing cartwheels while pumping)

If these aren’t big issues for you, I think you’ll find the S21 pump will work great for your needs and is in a much more affordable price range for most moms.

Compared to other similarly priced wearable pumps, I think you’ll find that the S21 falls in line very similarly to the Momcozy wearable pumps. 

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How long does the MomMed S21 battery last?

According to MomMed the battery life of the S21 is about 2.5 hours. 

Most moms report the pumps lasting about 3-5 pumping sessions before needing to recharge.

How strong is MomMed S21 suction?

The MomMed S21 has a suction power of 280~300mmHg.

According to MomMed the S21’s 3 modes have the following suction powers: 

  • 40-120mmHg
  • 120-280mmHg
  • 280-300mmHg

Is The MomMed Breast Pump Hands Free?

Yes! The MomMed pump is hands free. If you haven’t tried a wireless breast pump, I highly recommend one for busy moms, working moms, or moms running around with other children and needing to pump on the go.

Where Can You Get Replacement Parts for MomMed Pumps

Thankfully, the S21 comes with a set of replacement pump parts. However, when you need more, you can buy placement parts for the MomMed pumps on the MomMed website or find some 3rd party replacement parts on Amazon, just be sure you check for compatibility.

Is the MomMed S21 Noisy?

Wondering how loud IS the MomMed S21?

The MomMed website doesn’t specify just how loud the MomMed S21 wireless pumps are. 

That being said, I would say they are a pretty standard volume. You can absolutely hear it, but it’s not terribly loud.

MomMed Pump vs MomCozy Wearable Breast Pump

The MomMed Pump and MomCozy breast pumps are incredibly similar. 

The MomMed S21 is slightly cheaper and a much more discrete and compact design. 

The MomCozy pump on the other hand is a little quieter and comes with a double sealed flange leak-proof design.

You likely can’t go wrong with either pump.

MomMed S21 Wearable Breast Pump Reviews

After a few days of trying the MomMed S21 wearable breast pump, I’d call my pumping sessions a success and absolutely recommend it as a portable pump for busy moms.

It’s been a lifesaver to be able to pump and move around, and I’m removing the same amount of milk that I was from traditional breast pumps – a huge win for breastfeeding and pumping moms.

Don’t forget you can also usually get a breast pump for free through your insurance.


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