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10 Inexpensive Baby Shower Gifts Under $10 (That Moms Actually Want)

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Inexpensive Baby Shower Gifts for Moms

Being invited to a friend or family members baby shower shouldn’t be a stressful moment, but if you’re focused on the cost of baby shower gifts, it can be!

Finding inexpensive baby shower gifts isn’t always easy, but there’s a good chance this list has the perfect baby shower gift for you.

Maybe you want a great little something to go with your big gift, because it’s just not quite enough…

Or hey, maybe you’re on a budget.

I get it!

Thankfully, inexpensive (or dare I say cheap) baby gifts can be found. And some are totally loved AND practical for new moms.

Here’s the best list of inexpensive baby shower gifts that moms actually want and will love.

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10 Best Baby Shower Gifts Under $10

Whether you’re trying to come up with baby shower gift basket ideas on a tight budget, or just need one small thing to complete your gift, these 10 best baby shower gifts (under $10) are going to be lifesavers for you.

As a new mom myself, I can tell you I would have appreciated EVERY ONE of these gifts, and been so grateful to add them to my collection of baby goodies!

Baby Registry

Before we talk about the best gifts to give when you’re on a budget, it’s important to look at your best friend or family member’s baby registry.

You just might find some great ideas of inexpensive gifts to give that she already has said she wanted.

If you decide to stray from the gift registry, it’s a great idea to be sure you include a gift receipt, just in case the couple changes their mind.

Or, if there’s a specific store that sells cute baby clothes or other practical gifts, there’s nothing wrong with giving the expectant parents small gift cards to Target, Amazon, or the even the grocery store so they can find exactly what they need.

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1. Diapers


Did you know:

“Parents can count on spending close to $50 per week on diapers, formula and baby food alone.” – Parenting.com

You don’t need me to tell you that diapers are one of the most important baby essentials, especially during the first year.

And as a mom, if you’re telling me I don’t have to be the one to buy all of them – I just might hug you.

So when in doubt, add the diapers.

They just might be THE perfect gift for expecting parents.

Always add the diapers.

You can’t go wrong and you can almost always find a small pack to add to any gift to make it the perfect inexpensive baby shower gift. Consider buying larger sizes that baby will grow into or store brands of diapers if the baby has sensitive skin.

✔️ If you’re looking for name brand diapers under $10 that will arrive with free 2 day Amazon Prime shipping – these are the ones for you!

2. Pacifiers & Pacifier Clips

Pacifiers are definitely a smaller gift, but with how quickly they seem to disappear, giving a new mom a pacifier and a pacifier clip are two super useful items that she’ll love.

Save a new mom some time searching by getting her a few extra pacifiers to have on hand – bonus points if you also get her a pacifier clip to keep better track of it.

✔️ Chances are good you can snag both these pacifiers and clips together for just over $10 and get them in two days with Amazon Prime! There are super cute options for both baby boy or baby girl and they can attach to the car seat, baby carrier, or baby’s clothes.

3. Bandana Bibs


Unfortunately, babies aren’t always the best at keeping their clothes squeaky clean — as a new mom who just bought the cutest outfit in the neighborhood — that can be a problem.

Buying a new mom a set of baby bandana bibs as an inexpensive baby shower gift might just be one of the most well thought out gift ideas.

See these are great for drooly babies, spitty babies, and even babies that are starting new foods and you forgot your regular bib.

Plus, they’re adorable – so instead of baby ruining his or her outfit, mom can now accessorize with a cute bandana bib instead!

✔️ Bandana bibs can range greatly in price, but this set is under $10 and gender neutral – perfect for a new mom to be!

4. Desitin – Diaper Rash Cream


If you’re looking for inexpensive baby shower gift basket ideas, you should consider making a whole diaper themed basket.

While diaper cream may seem like a weird gift idea, it’s an inexpensive gift and is super practical.

Grab the diapers mentioned above, a set of wipes, and don’t forget a travel size diaper rash cream. Unfortunately, most parents are going to need it at least once or twice for their baby.

TIP: We swear by the blue boxed Desitin. It has worked like a charm at getting rid of diaper rashes fast for our kiddos.

5. Baby Toothbrush


Did you know that parents should start brushing their baby’s teeth as soon as the first tooth erupts?

It’s true!

And a toothbrush is something many moms forget to buy on their own until they see that first little tooth pop through — which is what makes it such a great frugal baby shower gift idea!

✔️ Not only is it priced right, but this banana toothbrush is also a great teether for babies working on getting new teeth. It’s also extremely highly rated and purchased!

6. Baby Bath Towels


Not only does a cute baby bath towel have the adorableness factor going for it, but it’s actually really useful!

Baby towels are typically soft and cozy, but a little bit smaller so moms and dads can wrap their babies up easier.

The baby towels that come with hoods are even better, because they let parents dry baby’s hair more easily!

✔️ A few of these cute animal themed towels are often on sale for less than $10, so don’t be afraid to click around until you find one you like that’s the price you want!

7. Bath Kit


Here’s another idea for making a cute, frugal baby shower basket – a bath basket!

Just grab a bath kit (or make your own) that includes the basics, like baby shampoo, baby body wash, and lotion and combine it with a cute towel, and maybe even a pacifier or two!

This is a similar idea that gets used so frequently that the mom to be will be grateful to have extra on hand to use! Besides – who doesn’t love snuggling a baby right after bath time.

8. Bottle Brush


Whether mom plans to formula feed, exclusively pump, or even occasionally pump breast milk and give baby a bottle – she’s going to need a great bottle brush!

This is the bottle brush we got, and I love it.

The little suction cup bottom, keeps it neatly in place by your sink and the brush itself does a superb job of getting in all the hard to clean places of the baby bottles.

It’s also the #1 best selling bottle brush on Amazon – so that can’t hurt either!

9. Muslin Burp Cloths


Muslin burp clothes make a great baby shower gift for the early months of baby’s life.

Some baby’s are fountains and other’s rarely spit up, but chances are good a new baby will spit up at least once.

That’s where these soft burp cloths come in handy!

You’ll make a new mom’s day by getting her something that she’ll truly use often (and stash by her rocking chair) – and these muslin burp cloths could be it.

As a mom to two, very spit up prone babies, burp cloths were all over my house – and it was such a lifesaver to have more than one.

✔️ Check out this 4 pack of super soft burp cloths for less than $10!

10. Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser & Refills

A mini diaper bag dispenser is the baby product the expecting mom probably didn’t know she needed.

At least that’s how I felt.

But my oh my, do I LOVE these now!

New parents can simply hook the diaper bag dispenser to their diaper bag for easy on the go access.

A bonus?

These fight odors, so your sweet bundle of joy’s stinky diaper won’t stink up the trash so much!

These are my favorite ways to use them:

  • If baby poops and we’re out and about.
  • If baby has a blowout while we’re out.
  • I’ll just take her clothes, throw them in a bag, tie it up, and know it’s separated from other things (and not stinking) in the diaper bag.

11. Favorite Board Book

A sweet baby board book is a classic, affordable gift idea for a new mom. Reading is huge for new babies and kids, and the book you add to their collection just might become a bedtime favorite at the end of the day.

Bonus Gifts: Baby Shower Gifts Under $20

If you’re okay spending a little more than $10, these gifts still fall under the category of “frugal baby shower gifts” at less than $20.

Silicone Breast Pump


A silicone breast pump is something every breastfeeding or pumping mom should have!

These help catch leaking breast milk, while also helping to draw out extra breast milk to help moms build a freezer stash.

The great price, and awesome benefits make this my #1 inexpensive baby shower gift for moms.

Grape Cutter


While new parents won’t be using this grape cutter for several months – I can’t rave about it enough.


This gadget cuts up grapes and grape tomatoes into quarters so toddlers can safely eat them.

It saves parents a ton of time when preparing meals for little ones, especially if you have a grape lover like we do!



Say goodbye to uncomfortable tummies! I wish this product was around when my toddler was a baby, because it. Has. Changed. Our. Lives.

This small item helps to relieve baby’s gas by opening up a space and allowing a path for the gas to escape.

The first time we used it, our newborn had major relief and was able to fall asleep almost instantly right after. She was SO much more comfortable.

Note: The picture only shows one, but these come in a pack of 10!

Here’s how it works:



While some people might shudder at the idea of sucking boogers out of your baby’s nose – The NoseFrida has honestly got things figured out.

The NoseFrida helps parents get those unwanted boogers out of baby’s nose quickly and easily!

It’s also super easy to travel with for busy moms. Just throw it in the diaper bag and go!

One more thing.

Stop fretting. 🙂

The NoseFrida comes with a barrier piece to make sure none of the little boogers end up anywhere near your mouth (here’s all the FridaBaby details).

Free Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Can you believe giving a free baby shower gift is even an option?

A sweet personal touch can mean more than a monetary gift, so these are great gift ideas to consider. Think about your hobbies and what you can offer without having to spend a lot of money.

  • Are you a baker? Bake or cook your close friend her favorite cookies or a freezer meal to enjoy in her spare time. A homemade meal might be just what she needs to feel like herself during the last months of pregnancy or the start of her postpartum.
  • Offer to babysit. Whether it’s a date night out or even holding the baby so mom can shower and take a nap – this is the most useful gift you can give a tired new mom.
  • Are you artistic? Draw your friend a sweet picture of her growing family so she can frame it or add it to baby’s nursery.
  • Homemade gift certificate. Some cute ideas include a fun “moms night in” or a promise to change diapers any time you’re over.

Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

One perk to buying great, cheap baby shower gifts is that you can combine them to make a baby shower gift basket!

Using the items listed above you could create several gift baskets for an expecting mom including:

  • Ultimate Diaper Basket
  • Cozy Bedtime Basket
  • Drooly Baby Basket
  • Comfort Baby Basket
  • Breastfeeding Basket
  • Postpartum Basket

Shopping for Frugal Baby Shower Gifts

Don’t forget that frugal doesn’t have to mean useless and expensive gifts aren’t always best if your closest friends don’t really want them.

You can find great baby shower gifts on a budget without spending too much money.

The baby necessities are pretty simple and for most new moms ANY thoughtful gift is greatly appreciated.

The inexpensive mom and baby products shown in this post are some of my favorite and most used baby products! Many of them I use daily for my own kids!

If you have other favorite frugal baby shower gift ideas – share them in the comments below!

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