Weekly Pregnancy Checklist: Second Trimester

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Your 2nd Trimester To Do List

Congratulations! You made it to your second trimester and by now, hopefully, you’re feeling way better.

Typically this is the time when most expecting moms have a lot more energy and a lot less nausea.

Two major wins if you were feeling miserable last trimester.

Since you’re feeling better, now is probably the time you’re starting to feel ready to get things done for baby!

This pregnancy checklist for the second trimester has exactly what you need to prep for baby’s big arrival, along with a few exciting doctor’s appointments.

This guide will help you through all you need to know about getting things checked off your pregnancy to do list during the second trimester. 

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Pregnancy Checklist: Second Trimester

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To Do List for Pregnancy: Weeks 12-16

Share your news with your boss

Have you already shared your big news?

Maybe you’re still waiting for the right moment?

Since you may be starting to show, you might want to think about sharing with your boss or HR department that you’re expecting.

Some moms end up sharing earlier due to morning sickness or other early pregnancy symptoms, while others wait as long as possible.

This is a personal decision and a great one to think about during the beginning of your 2nd trimester.

Research your workplace’s maternity/paternity leave policy

Depending where you work your maternity or paternity leave will probably vary.

Sometimes, unfortunately, it’ll vary A LOT.

Check with your human resources (HR) director or boss to find out all the details.

Usually, you’ll be presented with one of three options:

  • Paid maternity/paternity leave (not very common in the US)
  • The ability to use your sick/vacation time
  • Unpaid leave

Some moms are lucky enough to have paid time off while others take maternity leave unpaid.

Finding this out early can help you decide how long you’ll take for maternity and how to budget for your upcoming leave.

If you want more information on leave time, make sure you read up on FMLA.

Start thinking about how long you’ll take for maternity leave and how much you’ll work postpartum

While you probably don’t need to decide yet, it’s a great idea to start thinking about how long you plan to take off of work for maternity leave or if you plan to go back at all.

Finances and the flexibility of your job will likely play a role in your decision.

Talk it through with your significant other and decide what’s going to work best for your family.

Share your big news with friends and family!

Now that you’re done with the first trimester, your risk of miscarriage decreases and you’re probably starting to feel better.

The second trimester is often the sweet spot of pregnancy where you’ll feel your best.

With all of these exciting events taking place, this is a common time for expecting parents to share with family and friends that they’re expecting a baby.

Whether it’s a quick phone call, a small gift, or an elaborately planned surprise, sharing your news is big pregnancy milestone.

Looking for what to say in a social media post to share your big news? These expecting baby quotes are just what you’re looking for.

You can also find some great Pinterest Baby Announcement ideas here:

Preparing Your Big Kids for a New Baby


To prepare your child for a new baby, you’ll want to go beyond a gift from baby.

Talking with your toddler or preschooler about a new baby is vital to reducing sibling jealousy and creating a smooth transition. Fun games and age appropriate language are a great place to start. If you’re looking for guidance and fun, this New Sibling Kit is a great guide and will help your big kid become a proud big sibling in no time.

Start Kegal Exercises

The early part of the second trimester is a great time to start practicing kegal exercises.

Kegal exercises are done to help strengthen the muscles that support your uterus, bladder, bowels and vaginal muscles.

By doing kegal exercises during pregnancy, you can have a better labor and delivery experience and may be able to heal faster during postpartum.

TIP: Use a free app to help you keep track your kegals and remind you to complete them every day – it’s free and easy.

How to Exercise When You’re Pregnancy and Exhausted has more details and a quick video on how to perform kegal exercises.

Start sleeping on your side

Since your belly and baby are growing, it’s time to start sleeping on your side.

This is the best position for pregnant women to sleep in, so if you’re a back or stomach lover, you might have to change your sleep habits.

Sleeping on your stomach is simply going to be more difficult and more uncomfortable as your belly grows.

Sleeping on your back, however, could potentially compress your blood flow to your baby.

Most research, such as that from the American Pregnancy Association, shows that if you wake up during the night on your back, not to panic. Simply adjust your body so you’re laying on your side and go back to sleep.

Prenatal checkup

You’re already to another check up! Time to check on your baby’s heart rate and see how you’re doing.


To Do List for Pregnancy: Weeks 16-20

Gather nursery ideas

It’s time to start dreaming up your nursery theme!

Whether you decide to go girly, rustic, or neutral – there are so many adorable ideas out there.

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Check out my Pinterest board of nursery ideas for a bunch of my favorites.

Decide if you want to find out baby’s gender

The time is almost here to be able to find out your baby’s gender.

Some moms will do a NIPS/NIPT test early on (around 10-12 weeks) and find out baby’s sex via a blood test.

However, finding out at the 20 week ultrasound is also super common.

*Just remember, while they’re usually right, ultrasounds are not 100% accurate at predicting baby’s gender.

Talk with your significant other about whether or not you want to know baby’s gender now or wait until he or she is born.

Having the conversation before you’re sitting in your mid pregnancy ultrasound is a good idea.

Prenatal checkup

If you’ve already had your mid pregnancy ultrasound, you’ll probably discuss that at this checkup. Otherwise it’s business as usual!

Mid-pregnancy ultrasound

Your mid pregnancy ultrasound (sometimes called the anatomy scan) is the BIG exciting one.

This ultrasound will typically be the longest and most in depth.

Your ultrasound tech is looking at all your baby’s organs and watching the heart function.

They’ll take lots of pictures and you may even get to find out your baby’s gender (if you want to know).

Don’t be scared if you have to come back for a follow up ultrasound. Sometimes babies will not cooperate and the ultrasound tech needs to take more pictures.

If there is something your doctor is concerned about, he or she will call you and order any follow ups as needed.

Quad Screen or triple screen; Amniocentesis (week 15-18) – optional

The quad screen or triple screen are more optional prenatal tests.

The quad screen is a blood test that checks for AFP, HCG, estriol, and inhibin A.

So what’s all that mean?

It just means that the test checks for whether or not your baby has an increased chance at certain conditions such as down syndrome or a neural tube defect.

While there are no risks to your baby doing a quad screen, it can cause anxiety for some parents.

This is another optional test, so be sure to talk with your doctor about if it’s right for you.

Amniocentesis is another optional prenatal test your doctor may bring up. There are risk factors associated with this test so be sure to discuss it with your doctor.

Gender Reveal Party

If you decided to find out your baby’s gender and want to have a gender reveal party, now is a great time.

You can do a simple party with just family and a cake or a huge extravaganza.

There are tons of cute ideas out there – check out my Pinterest board on gender reveal announcements to find one that’s perfect for you.

Feel baby’s first kicks

Many moms will feel their baby start to kick during this time.

It might feel like gas bubbles or flutters in your stomach, rather than kicks.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure if what you’re feeling is a kick or not – that’s normal for many first time moms!

If this is your second or later pregnancy, chances are you might be feeling baby kick earlier since you know what to look for this time.

Belly “popped”

If your belly hasn’t “popped” yet, it might soon.

If this is your first pregnancy it could take longer and you may not feel like you “popped” until the third trimester.

For other moms you could feel like you were showing almost as soon as you got your positive pregnancy test!

Just remember that everyone is different and chances are your belly doesn’t look just like your friend’s, neighbor’s, or even sister’s at the same point in their pregnancy.

Your doctor will let you know if he or she has any concerns about how you and your baby are growing.


To Do List for Pregnancy: Weeks 20-24

Go on a babymoon

Since you’re probably feeling really good during your second trimester, it’s a great time to go on a babymoon with your significant other.

A babymoon is like a honeymoon, but it happens during your pregnancy.

Plan a fun getaway weekend (or week!) and enjoy spending time together just the two of you.

You can do something close to home or try vacationing somewhere you’ve never been.

If you’re wanting a tropical destination, talk with your doctor about the Zika virus and where they feel it’s safe for you to travel to. The CDC has a great interactive map of where the Zika virus can be found.

You also don’t want to wait too long to travel, as you shouldn’t fly once you’re later into your pregnancy!

Research and interview pediatricians

Not only did you need to decide on a physician/midwife to deliver your baby, but now you need to find a pediatrician to take care of them as they grow.

Here’s some tips for finding a pediatrician:

Ask friends and family for advice and research local pediatricians.

Don’t worry if it ends up not being a good fit. You’re not signing a contract and can always switch providers if things don’t work out.

You will be asked who your baby’s provider will be once he or she is born though, so be sure to have a good idea who you want to choose.

Sign up for local or online childbirth classes

Prenatal classes can be a huge benefit to new parents (or parents who just need a refresher!). There are tons of great classes available, even if you are in a small town and don’t feel like you have options.

From lamaze classes, to childbirth or breastfeeding classes – you can choose what you’re interested in and what’s going to be helpful to you.

If you’re a new parent, I highly suggest you take a childbirth class and breastfeeding class (if you choose to breastfeed).

If you find that your local hospital or public health doesn’t offer these classes, there are a bunch online that will help you feel confident before baby arrives.

Here’s just a couple online breastfeeding courses to check out!

Breastfeeding Class – Milkology

Pumping 101

Here’s a great childbirth prep class:

One focuses on natural birth and the other if you want an epidural!

Bonus: Use – “JEN10” for 10% off these birth courses

Birth It Up – Natural Series

Birth It Up – Epidural Series

Pregnant? Don’t miss this free Beginning Prenatal Class

Determine baby shower details (where, when, before or after baby?, guests, etc.)

If you’re having a baby shower or a baby sprinkle (a sprinkle is typically for a mom who isn’t having her first baby), it’s time to start talking about the details!

Here’s some baby shower things to think about:

  • Who’s hosting the shower
  • Is there a theme?
  • Shower date and time. Do you want your baby shower to be before baby arrives, or after so everyone can meet her?
  • Where will the shower be? Virtual or inperson?
  • Games or no games?
  • Who’s invited?
  • Work on your registry! (and share it!)

For more on baby showers, check out this Pinterest board full of cute ideas!

Create baby registry

It’s time to make a baby registry!

You can head to the store and start scanning away or build your registry from the comfort of your own home.

If you were thinking about skipping a baby registry, I think you should really reconsider.

Making a registry is helpful for both you and your friends and family – even if you’re not having a baby shower.

You can choose the products you really want, along with colors or themes that you are hoping for in the baby’s room.

Let’s face it, the fewer items you need to return or exchange the better – and a registry is perfect for that!

When I had my first baby, I registered at Target and Amazon.

Here’s a great guide to Setting Up Your Baby Registry at Amazon and one with all the baby essentials you should be adding (oh and what I wish I had with my first baby!).

Prenatal checkup

Another checkup, another heartbeat check. Isn’t that heartbeat the sweetest?!


To Do List for Pregnancy: Weeks 24-28

Consider writing/updating your will

Now that you’ll have another person in your life, it might be time to update or write your will.

It’s important to discuss who will take care of your baby should something happen to you. It’s not an easy conversation to have, but it’s an important one.

Update 401K and retirement account beneficiaries

Since your baby is going to be a pretty important part of your life, you might want to look at updating any 401k or retirement account beneficiaries.

Contact your financial or investment company and ask for the paperwork to make any changes you need.

Your employer may also have some paperwork for you to complete as well.

Brainstorm baby name ideas – if you haven’t been already!

If you haven’t already been searching (how could you not be?!), now is a great time to start brainstorming amazing baby names.

Keep a running list of your favorites as chances are they’ll change over the course of your pregnancy.

Whether you keep your ideas to yourself or share with the world is up to you – just be prepared to get people’s opinion whether you want it or not!

Glucose screening test

A glucose screening test is done now to check for gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that occurs just during your pregnancy and usually resolves itself after pregnancy.

The test is easy – you’ll start by just drinking a very sugary beverage at your clinic or hospital. After an hour, your blood will be drawn and you’ll be on your way!

If the test comes back positive, you’ll have to have another test called the glucose tolerance test to see if you have gestational diabetes or not. This test takes three hours, so be prepared for some wait time if you end up having to do this one as well!

If you end up having gestational diabetes and want more details – the Mayo Clinic has lots of great detailed information for you.

Antibody screen and injection (depending on your and your partner’s Rh+/- status)

The antibody screen is a blood test to determine if you have certain antibodies in your body that could harm your baby.

Based on your results, you may need to have an injection.

Your doctor will tell you whether or not you need to have this prenatal test or injection done.

Prenatal checkup

You’re on your last prenatal checkup of your second trimester! Woohoo! You’re getting closer to meeting your little baby.


Pregnancy Second Trimester To Do List

While this pregnancy checklist for the second trimester is pretty comprehensive, feel free to add and remove other milestones and events you have coming up. 

Enjoy this trimester, for most women it’s the easiest time during their pregnancy. So take a mini vacation or get some things done you’ve been hoping to!

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