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13+ Essential Items to Stock Up On Before Baby Arrives

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About 7 months into my first pregnancy, I started to panic thinking about all the things we still needed to get before baby arrived.

My husband reassured me, and I’m here to reassure YOU, that in most places, there’s probably a Target (or Amazon Prime!) that’s not too far away for anything you might be missing.

But still – there are some essential items you’ll want to stock up on before baby arrives!

Trust me, running to Target at 9:30 pm with a newborn baby doesn’t really sound like my idea of fun 😉

So here’s the household essentials you should stockpile before you go to the hospital.

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What You Should Stock Up On Before Baby Arrives

Toilet Paper

Is it ever a good idea to run out of toilet paper? Just make sure you’re well stocked before baby, because you don’t want to be running to the store just for this!

Paper Towels

I neeeeever thought I needed a bunch of paper towels. But messes happen and paper towels can save the day. (And now that our gifted giant box of paper towels is gone, I’m definitely missing it!)


Don’t go buy a ton of pre-mie diapers! But do stock up on a few boxes of 1’s and 2’s! Better yet, try to buy them later during pregnancy, so you can exchange or return sizes you don’t end up needing.


Baby will need wipes to go with the diapers! You may have to experiment with a few different types to see what works best for your baby – these have always worked well for us!

Pads (& other postpartum essentials)

You DON’T want to skip stocking up on pads and other postpartum must haves for your recovery. I recommend preparing a postpartum basket like this one so you’re totally ready to go postpartum!

Pssst….these are ice packs AND pads. My mind is blown at how awesome these look you guys.

Toiletries (Soap, Shampoo, Dry Shampoo ;), Body Wash, etc.)

Even with a new baby you’ll need to find time to squeeze in a shower and not having your toiletry essentials can be a drag. Make sure you buy a few extras and throw them in the cabinet for later. And don’t forget the dry shampoo for those unexpected visits that you still want to look good for 😉

Garbage Bags

Your new baby will go through a lot of diapers. A LOT. So your garbages may start filling up faster than before. Be sure to grab extra garbage bags so you’re not panicking when you’ve pulled the last one out of the box.

Groceries (+easy snacks!)

Stock up on your favorite groceries and snack foods that have a longer shelf life. Cereals, oats, frozen fruits and veggies, chocolate…

Disposable Plates and Utensils

As a new mom, washing plates (or even emptying the dishwasher!) is a chore you probably don’t feel like doing. Grab a few extra disposable plates and utensils for when you want to make clean-up super easy.

Freezer Meals

Try to stock pile some freezer meals before baby arrives. You’ll love that you did it on those days you feel like a good home cooked meal, but don’t actually want to cook it!

Laundry Detergent

Your baby is going to have blowouts. And probably a spit up or two. There’s nothing worse than getting down to your last onesie and realizing you need to do alllll that laundry! So stock up now on laundry detergent (and stain remover!) so you’re ready to tackle those baby messes.

Burp Cloths

Stock up on lots of baby burp clothes before baby arrives. You’ll find them handy to have in the diaper bag, in the car, in the living room…pretty much anywhere you and baby might be.

Ibuprofen/Tylenol/Stool Softeners

Postpartum can be rough momma. But with the right products, your recovery doesn’t have to be so bad. Make sure you have ibuprofen, tylenol, and stool softeners around in case you need them! *Be sure to consult your doctor before taking or adding any new medications.

Breastmilk Storage Bags (if you plan to pump)

Breast milk storage bags are a must for any breastfeeding mom who plans to pump – even if you’re just pumping with the easiest pump ever to get a little extra for date night. But that milk has to go somewhere! Thankfully breast milk storage bags are small and easy to store. I’ve had super good luck with these.

Formula (if you don’t plan to breastfeed)

If you don’t plan to breastfeed, stocking up on baby formula is a good idea. Keep in mind that some baby’s may have a sensitive tummy so you might have to try a few different kinds first!

Beauty Supplies

I hate running to the store for beauty supplies at the last minute, so I always make sure to have at least one extra tube of my mascara, concealer, and my moisturizer around.

Prenatal Vitamins & other medications

Just because you’re not pregnant anymore, doesn’t mean you should call it quits on your prenatal vitamins. Make sure you have enough prenatal vitamins to keep taking them once baby arrives. These are my go to!

*Be sure to consult your doctor before taking or adding any new medications.

Comfy Clothes for You

Are you a leggings or joggers girl? Don’t tell me you’re a jeans girl (when it comes to being comfy). Just don’t. During postpartum you’re going to want ALLL the comfy clothes, so it’s time to stock up on clothes you can get cozy in!

Extra Clothes for Baby

Chances are good that your baby isn’t going to play out in the yard anytime soon, but she’ll still have spitups and blowouts that require an outfit change.

Stock up on some extra baby clothes that you can leave in the car or the diaper bag for those unexpected (but totally necessary) outfit changes.


How to Save on Your Stockpile

The whole purpose of stockpiling is so you don’t have to worry about running out of supplies. BUT, a bonus is that typically you can actually save money by buying some of these household and baby essentials in bulk. Here’s a few ways to save while you’re stocking up: 

Amazon Subscribe & Save

Amazon has a subscription program where you can sign up to receive certain items every few weeks, days, or months. You’ll save a little money on the regular price, just by signing up for the Amazon subscribe and save option!

The best part? (Besides that it’s free!)

You can cancel or adjust your subscription at any time (as long as the items haven’t shipped yet!). 

Target Subscriptions

Target subscriptions work pretty similarly to Amazon’s. You sign up and can get free shipping + 5% off every order.

Just like at Amazon, it’s free to sign up and you can cancel or adjust your subscription at any time (as long as the items haven’t shipped yet!). 

Coupons (online and in the paper!)

Do you ever look for coupons online? Did you know you could even do that?! Check here for coupons you can use in store on some of your favorite products.

13+ Household Items to Buy Before Baby Arrives

Are you all stocked up on the your household items? Head on over to find out what you really need for baby (and what you don’t!) next.

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